Why the best e-liquid flavor concentrate becomes tougher

When choosing e-liquid brands, it is necessary to focus exclusively on your taste. If you are a fan of desserts, choose liquids with the smell of baking, candy or vanilla. Fans of the same fruit and berry flavors are offered a huge selection of all kinds of mono-gustatory liquids or premium fruit juice brands. We do not recommend novice vapers (who did not smoke regular cigarettes) to take vape juice flavors with nicotine – they are aimed at smokers with a long experience.

We also recommend to experiment from time to time with the best e-liquid flavor concentrate – it not only diversifies your vaping, but also gives the taste receptors the opportunity to “relax” from the habitual taste, avoiding addiction

All vapers will agree that refilling to e-cigarettes is the most consumable element. At the moment, there are all kinds of wholesale e-juice flavors. And along with vape-shoping where there are opportunities to order cheap e-juice online, many vape-bars have already opened, these are special places where vapers can taste different liquids.

Experienced vapers are able to independently determine the choice of liquid. They know which ratio of e-liquid ingredients is suitable for certain devices and can calculate the desired amount of nicotine. Some even resort to the independent manufacture of gas stations by the method of vape flavors diy.

But it is difficult for the beginners to determine the liquid. Not knowing anything about the composition, they make wrong conclusions about the conditions of storage of refilling stations. Very often, vapers notice that the acquired liquid, which has stood for a while, changed its color or became thicker. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why the liquid for e-cigarettes changed its consistency.

First, it is necessary for vaper to understand what components the refilling consists of. And in most cases it includes the following elements:
1. Glycerol
2. Propylene glycol
3. Flavors
4. Nicotine

The first two components, though horrifying to beginners because of their chemical names, are nonetheless safe components. Glycerin and propylene glycol are actively used in the food, medical and cosmetic industries. After conducting a large number of studies, scientists can confidently say that these components do not exhibit a carcinogenic effect.

However, all the constituents of the fluid require certain storage conditions, especially if you do not intend to vape in the nearest future. The filling components actively interact with oxygen and light. The result of this interaction is a darkening of the liquid or a change in its consistency. Therefore, if you are not going to evaporate the purchased liquid in the nearest future, store it in a dark cool place.