Which electronic cigarette to choose? Pro tips

On this World No Tobacco Day, we return for a frequently asked questions edition “Which electronic cigarette to choose” according to your profile, your needs and your desires. Looking for the perfect little starter kit? Want to find the e-cig that will give you gallons of vapour? Looking for a vaper for high nicotine needs?

We answer everything!

Which electronic cigarette to choose to quit smoking?

Let us be clear: there is not ONE electronic cigarette capable of satisfying ALL the needs of ALL vapers. 

1 – What is your motivation?

If you want to give vaping a chance to try to get off the tarred paths without wanting to explore all the facets of the vape, there’s no need to break the bank with very sophisticated equipment.

A pod mod-type electronic cigarette, with a disposable cartridge system, or a very easy-to-use kit with few settings will be quite effective.

2 – How often will you use it?

For an optimal start in the world of the vape, it is better to bet on an electronic cigarette able to meet all your needs at any time. Also, we advise you not to ignore the autonomy and to choose a kit with an integrated battery with a nice endurance.

3 – What sensations are you looking for? (MTL or DL)

Are you looking to reproduce sensations comparable to that of tobacco? Do you prefer to inhale big puffs with lots of vapour? These two types of rendering require different materials.

Indirect Inhalation (MTL) = tight draw similar to that of a tobacco cigarette. “MTL” electronic cigarettes are less powerful, more economical, and thus allow the use of e-liquids strong in nicotine, because little vapour is drawn in.

Direct Inhalation (DL) = very airy draw like that of a hookah. The “DL” kits are more powerful, but also more energy-consuming. They are recommended for the use of e-liquids low in nicotine since a lot of vapour is generated with each puff.

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Which e-cig to buy when you are a heavy smoker?

Do you currently smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day? You are then considered a “heavy smoker”. Contrary to what you may think, there is no need to look for large and powerful hardware to meet your great needs.

To find the electronic cigarette for heavy smokers, prefer rather:

– autonomy: an enduring battery, capable of lasting a whole day, will allow you to have equipment that is always ready to meet your slightest needs.

You then have the choice between an integrated battery, with a large capacity in mAh (milliampere-hours), or equipment with the accumulator(s) which will never break down, but which requires a lot of precautions.

– the capacity: if you do not want to carry a bottle of e-liquid every time you go out, the capacity of the tank is just as important as the battery life. A capacity of 4ml will allow you to be rather quiet.

– the rate of PG/VG supported: to benefit from a tight inhalation, similar to that provided by the traditional cigarette, it is necessary to choose equipment compatible with e-liquids with a high dose of Propylene Glycol (PG).

– the compatible nicotine dosage: as a heavy smoker, you probably have strong nicotine needs. Then prefer low-power electronic cigarettes, which are compatible with e-liquids with high doses of nicotine.

Nicotine salt: which vape material is suitable?

For a heavy smoker, it may also be interesting to turn to e-liquids with nicotine salts which offer faster satisfaction and allow higher dosages of nicotine without causing too strong and irritating sensations during inhalation.

In this case, you should know that not all electronic cigarettes allow you to vape nicotine salts. For optimal use, we strongly advise you to opt for a low-power electronic cigarette. Compact materials and/or offering a tight MTL draw (producing little vapour) are thus indicated.

How to make a lot of steam?

This is a very often asked question. If you are looking for an electronic cigarette to produce a lot of vaping, it is necessary to vape in direct inhaling (DL), which requires suitable equipment.

The “sub-ohm” materials, equipped with very powerful resistors of less than 1 ohm, will be able to meet this desire. Similarly, vaping on a rebuildable atomizer is also a good way to generate large clouds of vapour, but remains reserved for seasoned vapers.

Note: apprentices with strong nicotine needs? An electronic cigarette that produces a lot of vapour will not necessarily meet your needs.