In the vaping universe, you will find different terms to designate each part of your electronic cigarette . This lexicon is very comprehensive and allows you to define each element with precision. As your vaping experience progresses, you will have a more extensive vaping vocabulary.

Even if you have just arrived in the world of vaping, the word atomizer may not be unknown to you. Indeed, in everyday life, this word is sometimes used. To understand what an atomizer for the electronic cigarette is , let’s see the basic definition of an atomizer.

An atomizer is a device that allows the vaporization of a liquid. In other words, it is this part which transforms the product from a liquid state to a gaseous state. In the world of electronic cigarettes, it’s the same thing. The atomizer refers to the part of your e-cigarette that vaporizes the liquid.

To fully understand, it is important to give a brief reminder of how an electronic cigarette works. The e- cigarette is a device that allows you to receive steam. It is a method that appeared in the 2000s and continues to gain momentum. For some vapers, it is a method of achieving complete nicotine withdrawal.

You will find today many manufacturers of vape equipment. A complete e-cigarette is made up of three main parts : the battery, the clearomiser and the resistor.

The battery stores energy. When you need to vape, just press the “fire” button. The battery brings energy to the resistance located in the clearomiser.

The resistor is made up of one or more resistive wires. Around this wire is a cotton. When the assembly is soaked in liquid and the wire heats up, then steam is created. This creation of vapor is formed within the clearomiser.

Above the resistance is the fireplace. The vapor then passes through there before arriving at the drip tip. The clearomiser is made up of a sealed surround that serves as a tank. This is where you add e-liquid. This allows you to continuously hydrate your resistance.

The atomizer defines where your e-liquid vaporizes. To find out what an e-liquid is, we wrote an article on the subject. The atomizer is similar to the resistor in terms of theoretical definitions. But in the world of the vape, the atomizer also designates a more particular element: the reconstructable atomizer.

The rebuildable atomizer is an element that replaces the clearomizer . You find inside elements that allow you to create your resistance. Indeed, you find a tray with everything you need. This allows you to create the connection between the battery and your own resistor.

What is the difference between clearomizer and atomizer?

In order for you to better understand the definition of a reconstructable atomizer, we give you the main differences with a clearomizer. A clearomizer is one of the most important parts of your e-cigarette.

Indeed, this is where the e-liquid is stored. In this way, you can easily supply your coil with e-liquid. In addition, the clearomizer has a drip tip located on the top cap. This element is the mouthpiece where you place your lips when vaping. You can then choose a different mass of vape according to its size and its diameter.

Depending on the clearomizer models, you will find different options. You can first adjust or not the flow of air entering your clearomiser. When you open your airflow, you have a flow of air entering the chimney.

This air flow allows you to have a sometimes airy sometimes tight draw . It is a real asset that allows you to personalize your vape. If you vape in MTL, that is to say in two stages (mouth then lungs), then a tight draw will be recommended. On the other hand, DL vapers (steam inspired directly into the lungs) an air draw is more suitable.

The rebuildable atomizer takes all these elements. On the other hand, you will not find a location dedicated to a resistance created by a manufacturer. Indeed, the rebuildable atomizer is equipped with a plate with two poles (plus and minus). This is where you will need to put your resistance.

It is important to differentiate between these two tools. They look very similar, and yet the mechanism inside is different. The rebuildable atomizer is also called RBA for ” R e B buildable A tomizer”. There are many models of RBA. It will be up to you to choose the one that suits you the most.

Why use a rebuildable atomizer?

In the world of vaping, it is very interesting to see the number of different vaping profiles. Indeed, there are as many profiles as there are vapers. It is for this reason that vape manufacturers offer 100% customizable products.

The vape universe is made up of vapers who

  • have more or less experience,
  • start vaping or have been vaping for years,
  • had a different consumption of traditional cigarettes,
  • have different tastes and desires.

It is for all these reasons that the world of vaping has created the rebuildable. Indeed, the atomizer is the central part of your electronic cigarette. She is the one who comes to vaporize your e-liquid. By choosing with precision the characteristics of the auto, you will have a vapor which corresponds to you completely.

You can then choose: the material of the resistive wire, the quality of the cotton, the resistivity of the wire(s). These details are very important and allow vapers to have the vape that suits them.

For this, it is important to learn about rebuildable atomizers. Several details are to be taken into account before embarking on the adventure. If you are new to the world of rba, you can call on our team of specialists.

What are the different models of rebuildable atomizers?

Above all, it is important to know that there is not only one type of rebuildable atomizer. Indeed, the RBA designates a set of three very distinct atomizers. All RBAs have one thing in common: it’s up to you to create the resistance.

First, there is the RTA. The RTA stands for “Rebuildable Tank Atomizer”. As the French translation explains, the RTA is rebuildable that holds a tank. You will then have the same characteristics as on a classic clearomiser.

You find a reserve of e-liquid that you must keep full. This allows you to supply your resistance with e-liquid throughout your vaping moment. Depending on the model, you will have a more or less large tank. Then you find one of the most popular rba: the dripper. Also called RDA for “Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer”, this material requires a “drip” feed (dripper).

The RDA is a material that is known for:

  • The creation of a very generous vapour
  • The incredible enhancement of the different flavors of your e-liquid.

The only disadvantage of the dripper is the fact of having to manually hydrate the resistance. To overcome this inconvenience, the manufacturers invented the data which stands for “Rebuildable Dripper Tank Atomizer”. Indeed, a reservoir (tank) is added. It is under the resistance so that the cotton soaks in completely independently.

Depending on your desires, you will find the equipment adapted to your needs. The principle of each model is to suit the needs of different profiles. 

How to create your resistance with the rebuildable atomizer?

The rebuildable atomizer allows you to add the resistance you want. You can choose to create the entire resistor or just mount it.

Resistance is a part that should not be overlooked. It is thanks to her that you find many sensations. It is important to avoid missing its assembly. It is for this reason that we advise you to use guides on the rebuildable. You can find valuable help from our experts. You can contact us by email, phone or live chat.

What tools are needed for an RBA atomizer?

To get your rba off to a good start, you need to equip yourself with certain tools. All are available on our site. Indeed, the creation of an atomizer requires the presence of some tools. We put you on the list to prepare your work plan perfectly.

It is important to know if you are creating your own coil or not . The coil designates your resistive wire. This needs to be worked on before it can be added to your board. You can then choose to buy coils already in the shape of turns. You will then have the resistivity indicated upon purchase of the coil.

If you want to create your own coil, you will need additional accessories. To make its turns, you will need a stake with the desired diameter. Some tools make this step easier, such as the Jig coil. You will then have to wrap your wire directly on the stake. To know the resistivity of your coil, consider using an ohmmeter.

For the assembly of the atomizer, you will need:

  • A screwdriver
  • A series of pliers: flat, angled, ceramic, cutting
  • A coil brush
  • A pair of scissors

What are the steps to create your own resistance? (a)

Above all, it is important to pay attention to each step of your atomizer. Each gesture must be meticulous in order to have the best possible result. We detail here the method to make the assembly of an auto on a mounting with clamps (very widespread model) .

  1. First, you must remove the bell from your RBA.
  2. Then, you have to unscrew the poles with the screwdriver in order to be able to place your resistive wire there.
  3. Place one end in a different pole.
  4. Cut the excess wire with the cutting pliers. The goal is to have a minimum excess of yarn. This will prevent short circuits.
  5. Test your wire by heating it in small pulses (possible to do this step with the ohmmeter). If the wire heats from the center outwards, your coil is well placed. You can clean your coil with the brush. This will remove all impurities.
  6. Insert the cotton wick into the spiral. And cut the excess with the pair of scissors.
  7. Fold the cotton wicks towards the tank.
  8. Now all you have to do is soak your resistance with your e-liquid and enjoy a delicious vape.

What is the resistivity of an atomizer?

When creating your atomizer, you need to consider the resistivity of the wire. But then, what is the resistivity of the atomizer? This resistivity is defined using the unit of measurement ohm.

It is important that your wire has the resistivity you want. It is this resistivity that will define certain sensations during your vaping. It will then be necessary to choose a coil according to this value. If you are creating your resistor, then you need to measure the resistivity with an ohmmeter .

This resistivity is chosen according to your method of inhalation.

If you vape in DL, then sub-ohm coils are the most suitable. They bring a very hot vapor which is ideal for the DL. This will allow you to have a very dense vapor and rich in aromas. This low resistivity will be compatible with a fairly powerful mod. Depending on your auto, you will have to adjust your battery. This comes to provide the good energy which promises you a delicious vape.

A vaporizer with a value of less than 1 ohm provides additional sensations. Generally, it is important to have a slightly lower nicotine level. The explanation is related to the hit you feel. Indeed, very hot steam adds hit the throat.

If you vape in MTL , then coils with a value greater than 1 ohm are perfect. You find a soft vapor in the throat. Combine with a tight draw, then you will have an inspiration in two optimal times.

How to change the atomizer of your electronic cigarette?

The atomizer of your electronic cigarette is an element that must be changed regularly. The advantage with the rebuildable is that you can only change the cotton of the resistance as long as your wire is still usable.

Since the resistance is made up of consumable elements, you will need to replace this part regularly. With the rebuildable, you should know that this replacement is longer but much more economical. So, when should you change the atomizer?

Generally, the replacement of a resistance of a rebuildable atomizer occurs every three to four weeks. You will notice a resistance at the end of life when you notice: an alteration of flavors as well as a lack of vapor.

If you feel an unpleasant burning flavor, then it is also your resistance that needs a quick change. The more you vape daily, the more regular the replacement will have to be.

To change your resistance, you will have to perform the same steps as for setting up your atomizer.


Top 3 Benefits of Rebuildable Atomizers

Rebuildable atomizers are becoming more and more trendy in the world of vaping. And for good reason, the RBA has many advantages, here they are:

  1. Your vape is totally personalized , it’s up to you to choose all its characteristics for a vape adapted to your needs.
  2. You choose the products/elements that you put in your rebuildable atomizer. You also find satisfaction in creating your vape material.
  3. The rebuildable atomizer is an economical choice that will allow you to vape with peace of mind.

For many years, electronic cigarettes have invaded the market. Whether to limit the harmful effects of conventional cigarettes or to wean oneself off tobacco, the e-cigarette has met with great success. If its operation seems simple, it is not always easy to understand the different technical terms: clearomizer, drip tip, pod… Today, we tell you more about the electronic cigarette atomizer.

Clearomizer vs Atomizer

The electronic cigarette is a gem of technology, which has different complementary components. Each has an essential function to operate the e-cigarette. When you choose your material, you have the option of opting for a clearomizer or an atomizer.

Reminder on the operation of the electronic cigarette

To be able to vape, you must press the button on the battery of your device. This has the effect of sending an electric current to the resistor. This heats the cotton soaked in e-liquid and this is what allows the creation of steam. The latter then goes up through the chimney and can be sucked up via the mouthpiece (or drip tip).

The role of the clearomizer

In all this, the clearomizer is in fact the upper part of the electronic cigarette . It includes the tank, the resistance and the drip tip. This is a ready-made mechanism, which you cannot adjust very precisely. You can simply use a small lever to change the amount of vapor emitted. When the resistor is worn out, you must replace it with a ready-made resistor.

The principle of the atomizer

For demanding vapers, it is however possible to replace the clearomiser with an atomiser. Concretely, this gives the possibility of creating your own resistance and having greater possibilities in terms of settings. Indeed, you can thus manage the volume of the vapor, but also its density and be more meticulous for a better comfort of vape. In addition, the cost of consumables will be much lower than in the case of a clearomizer.