What is airflow used for?

What is airflow? Before understanding what the airflow of an electronic cigarette is for, you must already know what it is. And to get things off to a good start, always look for the origin of the word! So the airflow at the top of the clearomiser, what does that mean precisely? Well, it is above all a term borrowed from English that could be translated in different ways: airflow, airflow or ventilation. It is once associated with a particular domain that the designation will be more precise. In this case, the airflow that interests us is that of. In the field of vaping, the open or closed airflow is mostly called the airflow. But the term will above all designate one of the parts of the atomizers and clearomizers which will play the role of an air vent. Have you ever been the victim of a leak via the airflow of your electronic cigarette?

The airflow of a vaper will allow the air to infiltrate directly inside the clearomiser when you inhale (a puff ). This inhale will be achieved through the mouthpiece at the top of your atomizer (often called the drip tip ). The air will therefore be called up by your inspiration and will make its way through the inlets of the CE airflow. Thanks to this manoeuvre, the flow will carry with it the vapour generated by your e-liquid which vaporizes via the resistance. As airflow, there will be the possibility of reducing and enlarging the ventilation openings. This is to adapt your way of vaping to the most appropriate. Because yes, the airflow on electronic cigarettes will be an ally in your way of vaping. We will explain everything to you!

Materialized by a ring located on your atomizer, the airflow will mainly be located below the tank. But it also happens that it is placed at the top of an atomizer. It is a ring that you will be able to handle. You will thus be able to turn the airflow ring to increase or decrease the openings arranged precisely at this location. These openings are often represented by small orifices of varying sizes (the honeycomb) or by a huge concealable cavity (the cyclopes eye). Electronic vape pods are usually also equipped with it and are often present in the form of a zipper to be rotated from left to right to adjust the airflow.

An airflow has the function of gauging the flow of air that infiltrates your electronic cigarette according to your convenience. A large opening is synonymous with an air draw ( RDL and DL ), whereas a very restricted opening will be called a tight draw ( MTL ). The air drawn will bring a large amount of air inside the atomizer. This will result in quickly bringing a large quantity of lighter and colder vapour to the mouth. The other particularity of the aerial draw is that it will contribute to the cooling of the resistance, allowing it to vaporize even more liquid during inspiration.

Conversely, the tight draw will hinder the penetration of air into the clearomiser. The steam will then gain in density and heat, as it is slower to exfiltrate. But above all, it will soak up the flavours of your e-liquid for longer. The tastes in the mouth will be more intense. The tight draw works great if you vape with high nicotine levels. Constraining the airflow will then improve the completeness of tastes. The more the airflow is closed, the more the inhalation will be considered indirect. And therefore, you will vaporize less e-liquid while generating slower nicotine assimilation. Airflow and liquid consumption are therefore intrinsically linked.

First, you have what is called honeycomb airflow. It is a format or a pattern that takes up that of the honeycomb. The term is often used to designate the structure of the airflow or the patterns drawn on certain drip tips. For the airflow, the honeycomb structure consists of rows of small holes arranged in staggered rows, staggered from one row to the other. The airflow adjustment is thus more precise and offers a wider range of settings than a simple hole, of the Cyclops eye type.

Second, there is something called Cyclops eye airflow. The term cyclops eye is used when the airflow opening consists of a single opening (on each side). This design of the airflow in the eye of a cyclops is particularly appreciated by many vapers for these properties to highlight certain flavours. This cyclops eye format can be considered as an alternative to the honeycomb format, consisting of several orifices arranged in rows.

Are you the victim of a clearomizer leaking through the airflow? There is undoubtedly an explanation for this airflow leak problem. A weak battery can be the cause of an electronic cigarette leaking by airflow. As a result, your e-liquid has trouble vaporizing due to the lack of power in your box and instead of becoming vapour, it flows through the quickest and easiest path: the airflow openings. . Conversely, if you try to pull your electronic cigarette for too long, you will create an overheating phenomenon. This has the effect of reducing the life of the resistance which is then no longer able to vaporize the e-liquid correctly.

The type of e-liquid is essential. The more Propylene Glycol an e-liquid contains, the more likely it is to leak on large potent e-cigarettes. If you have the slightest doubt about which e-liquid to use with your electronic cigarette, consult the sheet of your vape gear, it will necessarily be indicated! Care must be taken to use a suitable resistance according to the rate of PG / VG e-liquid to vaporize. Your top or bottom airflow clearomiser is made up of a multitude of parts that are intertwined on top of each other. It is important to check the condition of the seals between each of them. If a seal is incorrectly positioned or in poor condition, liquid may leak out and create a leak.