What Are The Different Types Of Vapers?

When you are not yet a vaper, the world of vaping can seem complex as the products offered are numerous, whether for vapers or e-liquids. To familiarize you with vaping, we will introduce you to the different types of vapers available on the market and who these models are intended for. Find the vaper that suits you best!

The term “pod” has been very fashionable for a few years and designates a vape with only a battery and a pod (reservoir). Here, it is simplicity that takes precedence both in terms of use and maintenance. The pods are mainly aimed at beginner vapers and rather average smokers. Indeed, the tanks and the batteries are small in size and will allow you to best last a day of vaping. You must therefore plan to have your bottle of e-liquid and its cable with you in order to recharge the battery. The positive points are numerous: these vapers are very discreet and generally hold in the hand. In addition, they are very efficient and perfectly restore the flavours. The filling is also easy with quick access to the tank. Once the pod is used up, simply replace it. Again, these products are aimed primarily at beginner vapers. For example, you can opt for a mini electronic cigarette with the POCKET kit which is only 7 cm high.

The tube format is often favored by smokers for its resemblance to a traditional cigarette. However, this is the only similarity that we will find. Compared to pod type vapers, the tube format generally has a battery with greater autonomy allowing you to vape all day without having to recharge it. Reservoir capacity does not exceed 2ml on most models. If you are a small vaper, this will be more than enough for you to last all day without having to refill the tank. Another big difference with pods is the coil replacement. Indeed, these models have a resistance that should be replaced regularly. The lifespan depends on each model as well as the profile of the vapers. The average life of a resistor is approximately 15 to 20 fillings. On the next page, you will find the procedure for change of resistance with all the useful steps to avoid errors. Finally, note that the settings on the tube formats are limited or even non-existent for easy everyday use. As you will have understood, tube-type vapers are mainly aimed at beginners or even confirmed vapers with limited consumption.

For seasoned and confirmed vapers who want extensive customization of their vape and more precise settings, there are box-type vapers. If you are new to vaping, these models are to be excluded except for a few vapers with a beginner mode (mode which allows you to vape without adjustment, except for the power adjustment). It is strongly advised to have vaping experience to use your vape in the best conditions. In addition, the battery life is much greater, reaching up to 4400 mAh for the LUMIS vape. What vape all day without problem. The capacity of the tanks also makes it possible to last a good part of the day if not the whole day. With a capacity of 4 or 4.5 ml, one filling per day seems sufficient,e-liquid .