Welcome dear vapers! Do you want to expand your knowledge or discover the world of rebuildable atomizers? You are in the right place. Open your eyes wide and let yourself be carried away. Clearomisers have many advantages, especially in terms of practicality. They have converted an impressive number of smokers. But the more your experience increases, the greater the chances will be that you will want to switch to rebuildables and therefore atomizers.

These allow you to create your resistances and therefore to have the vape closest to your expectations. In this marvellous universe that is often associated with complex manipulations, the possibilities are endless and the advantages numerous.

The RBA, or ReBuildable Atomizer, brings together all the rebuildables. So far, so good. But be careful because things get a little complicated!


Within this RBA category are subcategories, including RDAs. The Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer is more commonly known as a dripper. Under this somewhat barbaric term hides an atomizer without a tank. Here, the coil, made up of resistive wire and cotton, is supplied with liquid by…you! You will indeed have the difficult task of putting a few drops of liquid on the resistance so as not to have a dry-hit. This system, which may seem quite tedious, allows you to have a huge production of vapor but also and above all to enjoy an excellent restitution of flavors. Originally designed to test DIYs, drippers have become vaping equipment in their own right.


Next come the Rebuildable Tank Atomizers RTAs. With these reconstructable, there is no need to check if its coil is full of liquid: the RTAs are equipped with more or less substantial reservoirs. Very generally equipped with a mounting plate located at the bottom of the tank, these atomizers offer very good restitution of flavours while maintaining substantial autonomy. But beware, a bad assembly and/or a lack of cotton and the leak is assured….


Drippers and tanks each have their advantages! For those who don’t want to compromise, there is a final category called Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. RDTAs combine the best of drippers and tanks. On this type of material, there is a mounting plate equivalent to that of a dripper but it is positioned above a tank. The latter will supply liquid to the cotton which will dive into your tank. Simple and efficient!

RDA, RTA and RDTA offer many possibilities. All types of assemblies, whether single or double coil , are possible, and all types of vape are offered: tight or aerial vape, the choice is yours! The door to a new world is before you. Do you dare to take the step to join us?!