Vapor Couture Refill Flavors

Vapor Couture Refill Flavors

Nowadays, you can choose from six different cartridge flavors with your Vapor Couture starter kit: Bombshell, Rodeo Drive, Fresh Mint, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Champagne and Arctic Mint.

Bombshell is V2’s perception of a Turkish tobacco flavor like Camel, while Rodeo Drive seems to be more like an American tobacco blend such as Marlboro. The remaining flavors are preferred and understood without words. For instance, we like the Rodeo Drive flavor quite a bit and menthol lovers should stick to the Fresh Mint flavor, which combines menthol with notes of smooth tobacco and peppermint.

The Rodeo Diva is an American tobacco and it’s somewhat comparable to the V2 Red cartridge. The Bomb Shell, Turkish-style blend has an intensive flavor, which may be good for faithful Turkish tobacco lovers, but it can be too unpleasant to even vape for the equivalent of a single cigarette.

Everything, however, depends on a personal taste, but ordinarily some can vape Turkish tobacco flavors for much longer than this, despite not being a fan on the whole. The special flavor is Fresh Mint – a menthol flavor that isn’t overpowering to vape. If you start with the Vapor Couture Sampler Kit, of course, you’ll get an opportunity to experiment with all four of the refill flavors with your first order.

Once you try flavors provided by V2 Cigs, you can begin saving money by buying in gross. You can get 20 cartridges, or you can get 40 cartridges at an even lower price.

We would advise buying this e-cig for special term of use: for a party or a night out, it would probably help to complete the look better than a bigger electronic cigarette. It will not be too expensive, and might satisfy the need to smoke all that well (throat hit and enough vapor when exhaled). And all in all, you could use this e-cig as a special part of your special program.