Those, who strive to vape and order vape-liquid cheap, are better than smokers

Now, the consumption of e-liquid brands can be considered a kind of subculture: vapers speak a special, obscure language to non-vapers using their terminology, gather at the vape-shops, vape-cafe and bars, arrange large international exhibitions, and the vapers themselves hold contests for the best tricks of e-liquid flavors, as well as tournaments on cloudchasing. Since the average age of a vaper does not exceed 27 years, the culture can be considered as young one.

Not everyone is happy with vaping as a mass phenomenon, but often this is due to a prejudiced attitude and a superficial acquaintance with top vape flavors. On the other hand, not all vapers are respectful to others.
What distinguishes a cultural representative of a vaping? After all, a cultured vaper will:

Ask whether it is allowed to vape at the institution where he/she is at the moment;
Even with the consent of the administration, he/she will clarify whether the neighbors do not object to the vaping;
Will not vape at the presence of children;
Not impose his/her opinion about vaping on the others, even about premium fruit juice brands;
Respond politely and correctly even to inappropriate or aggressive questions about the vape-devices.

What is positive in it? As for the electronic cigarette, its advantages over the tobacco cigarette are obvious:

There is no ash, as well as cigarette butts, which decompose for about 10 years, so vaping is more environmentally friendly;
There are no tar and carcinogens that appear when burning – it’s more environmentally friendly and safer for humans;
There is no risk of fire, burns – a huge plus: it is known that the majoity of household fires happen due to an unextinguished cigarette in the hands of a drunken master;
There is no unpleasant smell – which is also healthier and more aesthetic.

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