The tobacco heating system IQOS Heets Amber

IQOS Heets AmberIQOS combines innovative technologies and the true taste of tobacco. Is being developed in Switzerland. The orange IQOS Heets Amber is an alternative for adult smokers, who are accustomed to live with taste, care about comfort for themselves and others, value cleanliness and uniqueness.

IQOS Heets Amber is specially designed for IQOS. Genuine Tobacco Reimagined variant.

HEETS are a totally better approach to appreciate tobacco. Produced using the best leaf and created into little ‘sticks’, they open up a totally different universe of taste and flavor.

Tobacco sticks will solve the problem of smoking once and for all. They are intended for use in iQOS tobacco heating devices, with which smoking is reaching an innovative level.

On our online shop, you can already buy new tobacco sticks IQOS Heets Amber UK wide. The updated line includes four bright and rich flavors. In addition to the new stylish design, the sticks received several useful additions:

a thin layer of foil, which ensures uniform heating over the entire length;

Polymer filter that prevents the ingress of hot vapor into the throat when smoking.

HEETS™ tobacco sticks are intended for use with the IQOS framework and are made with uncommonly chosen tobaccos. Because of the shading related with the IQOS Heets Amber, they are otherwise called Orange HEETS. This flavor is the nearest to unique full quality Marlboro Red.

IQOS utilizes progressive innovation that warms tobacco without consuming it, giving you the genuine taste of tobacco with no smoke, no fiery remains and less smell. This is perfect for wellbeing cognizant smokers who don’t wish to vape who might even now like the nearest elective experience to smoking available.

In addition, the IQOS has no cinder, no smoke, and obviously altogether less smell.

Accordingly moving to IQOS is a vastly improved decision for your smoking.

Extraordinarily structured tobacco sticks, which are known as IQOS Heets Amber, are embedded into the IQOS holder which uses a one of a kind warming cutting edge made of gold and platinum covered in fired. Expert hardware control the temperature to guarantee that there is no ignition.