The main pluses of electronic cigarettes

The main pluses of electronic cigarettes

Almost every second smoker tried to give up his bad habit or wants to quit smoking. But no as terrible is nicotine dependence, as strong is the psychological addiction to cigarettes in hands, to usual smoke and stimulated “thinking process” in the head.

There are various disputes, who is sponsoring anti-tobacco companies, nicotine chewing gum, nicotine candies manufacturers, or manufacturers of the other replacing-cigarette products.It is also possible that the tobacco companies themselves are sponsoring anti-tobacco companies, so trying not to lose the last of those customers who have been frightened by the terrible reviews from doctors, about the dangers of smoking, anyway they will throw in the garbage non-smoked cigarette package.

What difference, to sell nicotine in a cigarette or in a chewing gum or even in candies with bright tobacco-control wrappers. The result is important – the sound of coins in the “piggy bank”. Possible so appeared in the markets electronic cigarettes, designed for voluntarily replacement of harmful cigarettes into harmless (as is claimed only E-Cigarettes manufacturers) electronic cigarettes – high-tech simulators of smoking.

The least harmful way to consume nicotine to themselves and others
1. Lack of “passive” smokers. The steam produced by the electronic cigarettes doesn’t have a negative impact on others, because it does not contain negative components (by the way, in tobacco cigarette smoke, was found more than 4000 chemical substances, heavy-metals, etc. and this inhales “passive” smoker).

2. The lack of carcinogenic tars and combustion products. Despite the fact that these substances are absent in E-cigarettes, the smoker gets the same “amount” of pacification and satisfaction that in the course of smoking simple tobacco cigarette..

3 The lack of odor. The “specific” smell from the mouth and from the fingers, bad odor on clothes and furniture – all this you can forget replacing traditional cigarette to electronic one.

4 E-Cigarettes are less harmful to health than traditional cigarettes. Disappears yellowing of teeth, is accelerated the body’s metabolism, are cleared from tar the lungs, is returned the sensitivity of taste and olfactory receptors (especially true for smokers). Most importantly – after some time this notices absolutely everyone who has passed on electronic cigarettes.