Have you decided to go DIY? Excellent choice! The ideal compromise between freedom and economy. Take a look at our checklist to make sure you get started in the best conditions.

Getting started with DIY e-liquid

The Do It Yourself (DIY which can be translated as ” do it yourself “) will allow you to save money in the long term, will offer you freedom and easier management of your e-liquid stocks but also, you will have unlimited creativity by personalizing, constantly creating new recipes, each as addictive as the next.

The first time it can be scary, we grant you, just the idea of ​​having to buy all this gear, it can scare, but don’t worry after that it’s only happiness, yes please to make your e-liquid, isn’t that classy?

Basic hardware checklist

  • Latex gloves, to protect the skin from contact with nicotine
  • Protective goggles, in case of possible splashes in the eyes
  • Empty bottles (or recycled from your recent purchases) of 10ml, 30ml or 50ml to store your preparations
  • 10ml or 5ml filling syringes for PG and VG bases
  • A measuring cup if you want to prepare your PG and VG base
  • Self-adhesive labels to indicate the composition of each bottle
  • A notepad to write down your recipes and dosages
  • A large box to store everything.

Checklist of basic components

  • One or more PG / VG bases, the Easydiy bases, offer the ideal compromise between hit and steam, the editorial team swears by them
  • Nicotine boosters, we recommend Easydiy nicotine boosters, for excellent value for money. 
  • NB: you can also opt for kits containing the base and the nicotine boosters, it’s a question of choice, but know that it exists. We particularly like the Easy Mix base kits.
  • Concentrated aromas
  • And possibly additives, we do not recommend them if you are a beginner. It still requires certain knowledge, it will allow you to perfect your recipes.

Another solution, the Mix Me Kit

If you’ve come this far and these two checklists have turned you off and scared you, then we have an alternative solution for you, the Mix Me Kits. This is a kit containing a pre-dosed base, flavours and liquids and nicotine boosters in the chosen dosage.

This kit is easy to use since it requires no calculation and no equipment, you must transfer all the ingredients into the bottle provided in the kit. By opting for the Mix Me, you are halfway between ready-to-vape e-liquids and DIY. The significant advantage is the savings you make. Do not hesitate to discover all the varieties available, such as the Swoon, the Tribeca, the SubZero, the Red Astaire, the Heisenberg and much more…

Happy Vaping everyone!