The best mods for vape of 2020

best mods for vapeWhich are the best mods for vape to choose? Almost every valet, beginner or experienced, asks this question. Of course, in view of the great popularity of electronic devices, the product line of these gadgets is replenished every year.
Therefore, to determine the best mods for vape today is a practically impossible task. Each new gadget has differences in new features, wider functionality and, of course, quality. We offer you the best mods for vape of 2020, which, according to expert reviews, have all the necessary qualities and characteristics.

The Eleaf iStick 50W model is considered as one of the best mods for vape of 2020.
The cool and best mods for vape for only those who delve into the subtleties of vape. Advantages: small size; excellent autonomy; simple use and management; micro charging; good power source – 4400 mAh. Despite the long fame, this mod has remained so for a long time. With the Eleaf iStick 50W, you can vape almost all day thanks to a fairly good battery capacity. Beginners will enjoy the simple controls and adjustments, and the powerful performance of the gadget will help at the very beginning of the journey in the vape.

The Eleaf iPower 80W model is also considered as one of the best mods for vape of 2020. The best mods for vape of our time, which are also ideal for beginners. Advantages: built-in 5000 mAh battery for a whole day vaping without recharging; conciseness, originality of design; compact dimensions; updated software; high-quality consumables. 5000 mAh with the head is enough not to charge the gadget all day (depending on the frequency of vaping). And the protective functions will protect against the occurrence of short circuits, overheating and, God save us, from the explosion. The panel has 5 buttons and a display: Fire button to speed up the heating of the winding; 2 control keys “+” and “-”; Reset keys to reset and reboot button to start warming up the coils and generating vapor. Charging and updating the software is carried out by using a usb cable and a port at the bottom of the box mod.