Quitting smoking to switch to vaping has many advantages. It is for this reason that many smokers take the plunge and manage to quit smoking by vaping. What are the advantages of electronic cigarettes? We take stock of 4 major assets!

The health benefits of e-cigarettes over tobacco

According to a study by Public Health England, e-cigarettes are about 95% less harmful than tobacco. The first undeniable advantage of the electronic cigarette compared to the traditional cigarette is its impact on health. Even pulmonologists agree: it is better to vape than to smoke! Completely stopping nicotine must remain the goal for any vaper, but as you will see, reducing your nicotine consumption is much easier by vaping than by smoking! The electronic cigarette makes it possible to gradually reduce the dosage of nicotine contained in e-liquids. Gradually and at your own pace, you will get rid of your nicotine addiction, until you are completely weaned.

With the e-cig, no more sore throats and coughing fits! Electronic cigarette has the advantage of having a real impact on the respiratory capacity of former smokers. If you were coughing a lot while smoking cigarettes, you should quickly see your cough regress when you switch to vaping. By vaping, you will breathe better and better! This is the perfect opportunity to get back into the sport. Another advantage of the vape compared to tobacco: the smells and flavours come back! If you have lost a lot of smell and taste because of tobacco, switching to electronic cigarettes should help you regain sensations that you had so far lost in part. 

Public health and ecology: 2 other advantages of the electronic cigarette  

Quitting smoking is good for you, but also others! With the electronic cigarette, no more passive smoking! On the terrace, in the street, in the evening… Passive smoking poses a real social problem. Let’s not forget, that cigarette smoke represents 4,000 chemical substances, some of which are carcinogenic. 1.2 million people who do not smoke are exposed to passive smoking, including children. Moreover, 65,000 children per year die from the consequences of passive smoking. Even if the vapour emitted by electronic cigarettes is not free of any health risk, it is still mainly composed of water and therefore much less dangerous than cigarette smoke.

Electronic cigarettes also have the advantage of being less harmful to the planet than cigarettes containing tobacco. Cigarette butts are a real scourge for the environment and especially for the ocean. A single cigarette butt can pollute up to 500 litres of water! Each year, 4,300 billion cigarettes are thrown away, sometimes in the middle of nature, even though they are extremely polluting and take up to 15 years to decompose. Other alarming figures: the smoke from a cigarette pollutes as many as 10 diesel cars idling for 30 minutes. Vaping with an e-cig is much more environmentally friendly than smoking cigarettes. You can even buy organic e-liquids, made from natural flavours, vegetable mono propylene glycol and organic vegetable glycerin. To avoid overconsumption of vape accessories (pod, resistors, batteries), choose durable material and remember to sort your waste!

The electronic cigarette is economical

Another advantage of electronic cigarette is that it is economical! With more than €8 per pack of cigarettes, the price of tobacco in France has become astronomical and will continue to climb. Vaping is much more economical than tobacco! A question that often comes up is that of the equivalence between the quantity of e-liquid and the number of cigarettes. A difficult question since it is difficult to give the exact number of cigarettes that would be equivalent to a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid.

To calculate the ratio between the quantity of liquid and the number of cigarettes, several factors come into play. Among these factors, we can note the need for nicotine (hence the importance of vaping a well-dosed e-liquid), the resistance ( the sub-ohm vape consumes more e-liquid) but also vape material (the stronger the power, the greater the quantity of e-liquid vaporized). But even if you are a big consumer of e-liquid and you like to have high-end vape equipment, vaping costs less than smoking! At Nicovip, we offer you many cheap e-liquids, in 10 ml but also 50 ml, with a wide choice of flavours. On the DIY side, there are dozens of DIY aromas, PG/VG bases and additives waiting for you to make your economical homemade e-liquid!