Unlike propylene glycol-based e-liquid, it is all-natural and comes from plants such as the cooking oil you use every day in your pans. This is why some brands advertise vegetable glycerin e-liquid is both kosher and vegan. It is therefore a natural substance that is prepared in a way to respect those who have strict dietary, religious or medical restrictions. Vegetable glycerin-based e-liquid is also an option that allows vaping enthusiasts to feel better by making a healthier choice for their bodies.

This natural product limits the risk of allergic reactions. One in ten vapers is at risk of developing an allergy to propylene glycol. Usually, this is manifested by a burning sensation in the throat and lungs, the flow of tears as well as headaches, itching, rashes and nausea.

Therefore, the safest bet is to go with a vegetable glycerin-based e-liquid to avoid all worries. 

The e-liquid based on vegetable glycerin is particularly soft and sweet 

The e-liquid based on vegetable glycerin is the best way to discover the sweetest flavours. Indeed, it has a naturally light and sweet flavour. Using an e-liquid based on unflavored vegetable glycerin guarantees a very slightly sweet taste. Knowing that the majority of vaping enthusiasts appreciate sweet tastes, this type of e-liquid represents a good start to give you a sweet experience without having to use a drop of artificial sweetener or sugar in the mixture.

If you don’t want to give in to calories, this e-liquid opens the door to the best desserts and sweet drinks with an extra touch of sweetness thanks to the magic of vegetable glycerin.

The e-liquid based on vegetable glycerin gives you the most beautiful clouds 

One of the biggest reasons vaping enthusiasts choose to go with vegetable glycerin e-liquid is because of its ability to create spectacular clouds. Indeed, unlike propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin is more reactive to the formation of clouds. Clouds made with vegetable glycerin are thicker and more fun to blow.

For some vapers, the wonder at the size and beauty of clouds is an essential pleasure that is part of the joys of the vaping experience. If you’re ready to play the game, vegetable glycerin e-liquid is your best bet. 

Among its bonus benefits, the vegetable glycerin-based e-liquid does not deplete your body’s water resources and therefore limits the risk of dehydration to prevent you from ending the evening like a mummy.