Start An Electronic Cigarette Resistance

Priming an electronic cigarette coil is a step that every vaper faces. This is an important or even essential step to ensure the proper functioning of your electronic cigarette. A bad start will have harmful consequences on the use of your electronic cigarette. Follow our guide to start your resistance correctly.

Priming is simply the first step to perform when installing a new coil on an electronic cigarette. Above all, do not use your electronic cigarette after a change of resistance, without having started the resistance. At the risk of rendering your resistance unusable.

First of all, you have to understand how a resistor works and what it is made of. A resistance is composed of a resistive wire and cotton placed around this wire. The cotton, soaked in e-liquid, is heated by this wire, thus allowing the vaporization of the e-liquid. If priming is not done when using a resistor for the first time, the wire will heat dry cotton and this can cause an unpleasant “burnt” taste and smell.

Fortunately, priming does not have to be done each time you use your electronic cigarette, but each time you change the resistance, i.e. every 15 to 20 fillings. Priming an e-cigarette coil simply involves soaking the cotton with e-liquid. Indeed, when your resistance is new, the cotton is dry. Soaking it in e-liquid moistens it and prevents it from burning during the first use.

Before installing your resistance, pour a few drops of e-liquid into the central part containing the cotton. All of the cottons must be moistened without either drowning the cotton in e-liquid. Depending on the type of resistance and its size, the number of drops may vary. Refer to the manual of your electronic cigarette or your clearomiser.

When your resistance is primed, screw it on the clearomiser then you can fill your electronic cigarette. It is advisable to wait a few more minutes before starting to vape to finalize the priming of the resistance. You can now vape while starting with small puffs.

To prime the pod of an electronic cigarette, the process is identical in all respects except for one detail: it is not possible to directly access the resistance located in the pod. With a pod, you simply have to fill the tank with e-liquid and then wait a few minutes so that all of the cotton are soaked. As for the priming of the resistors, this step must be carried out each time you change the pod and of course on the first use following your purchase of an electronic cigarette.