ProVari P3 Review

ProVari P3 Review

So, now you realize benefits and advantages that the ProVari P3 features: a new smaller size and the same impressive USA-produced build quality as the previous ProVari models.

How well does it actually function, though? It is quite a reasonable question. The ProVari P3 rectifies many problems that one could experience with the ProVari Classic and ProVari Mini.

First, the ProVari P3 replaced the old beveled top with a flat top for a nicer look with the tank systems that many e-smokers prefer today. This, in turn, makes tanks and other attachments more secure during use. If you prefer eGo attachments, the flat top can be removed in favor of a beveled top and eGo adapter, offered separately from ProVape.

One of the primary difficulties that smokers might have had with the previous ProVari models was the brightness of the display. The ProVari P3 features an improved OLED screen with several brightness settings.

The ProVari P3 also demonstrates a completely new menu system. Press the button four times in a row to enter the menu system. Right from this moment, the options scroll by automatically; you only need to press the button one time to enter a sub-menu or make a selection. Not only does this make navigating into the menu system much easier, but it also reduces the technical failures with the button.