Propylene glycol as one of the basic components for getting top vape flavors

Recently, although the usual smoking is still very popular, it has a worthy competitor – electronic vaping. More and more often you can find points of sales of e-cigarettes and liquids for them. These sales points began to appear more and more often. And this means that the demand for e-cigarettes is consistently high. Their relative safety, declared by manufacturers, is one of their distinctive features.

As a rule, you can find only 4 components for getting top vape flavors among e-liquid ingredients for refilling of electronic cigarettes. First of all it is propylene glycol. Today we will talk about it.

Propylene glycol is a colorless slightly viscous liquid, it has a sweetish flavor and a slight faint odor, is readily soluble in water. E-liquid brands for electronic cigarettes are one of the main components that are present in almost any composition. It is used in the manufacture of medicines (including for oral administration) as a base or a disinfecting component.

This substance is considered to be one of the best substitutes for blood plasma – with large blood loss it is injected into the body by a drip. It is not toxic, it refered to the approved food additives in most countries. It is an excellent disinfectant (in the middle of the last century it was actively used as a composition for spraying in large industries to purify the air). Among other things, it is used for processing tobacco.

As a result of a study of propylene glycol EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), which was partly based on FDA data, no adverse effects of this substance on the body were detected by inhalation of e-liquid flavors. Also, there was no evidence of a carcinogenic effect. When searching for the desired electronic juice in e-liquid wholesale, we recommend checking the percentage of this component in the selected cheap premium vape juice.