Pods for Juul – the perfect solution for vaping

Pods for JuulThe Juul phenomenon gives you access to Juul flavors, as well as your own choice of pre-filled capsules. The pods for Juul system is activated when you pull in, so using it is as easy as using a Juul device. The nicotine salts in the composition make each pod equivalent to about a pack of cigarettes. Pods for Juul are available in various colors, and this makes them stylish, discreet and durable. Designed for universal compatibility, they are the perfect solution for vaping at home or during your journeys.

For example, you will not miss the opportunity to try vape liquid with the taste of a refreshing cucumber, which is replaced by a menthol shade on the exhalation? Pods category presents the maximum variety of tastes that can satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. Juul cucumber is one of those options, which are worth buying, regardless of the previous taste preferences. You are offered to try the exclusive taste of a refreshing cucumber, supplemented with a leaf of cool mint. Here all the ingredients are in perfect harmony with each other, allowing the vaper to enjoy a pleasant vapor.

Cucumber pods for Juul are presented in two versions, which differ in the number of pods in a package. Now there are available for order the packs, which contain two or four pods with the original flavor. From the point of view of price, it is more profitable to buy a large package at once, but for those who are not familiar with the taste, it is advisable to start with the minimum.

The capacity of each container in the Juul kit is 0.7 ml, which is equivalent to 200 puffs when used. The content of salt nicotine is 50 mg or 30 mg, that is, 5% or 3%, respectively. If you buy a package of four pods, you can guarantee yourself almost a week (depending on the volume of the daily use) of carefree vaping with a delicate aroma of cucumber and refreshing menthol.The construction of pods for Juul is designed to reveal the taste of the liquid 100%.