New to vaping? A guide made for you!

Are you tired of cigarettes? But, as a beginner in the vape, you can ask yourself a few questions? This is perfectly normal and our team is here to respond. The electronic cigarette is a new universe for future former smokers. Switching to vaping is first and foremost about deciding your health. Indeed, e-cigarette is much less harmful than tobacco. At the same time, quitting smoking also means putting an end to passive smoking, tobacco odours… It is also a financial chasm that is closing. Adopting the electronic cigarette, therefore, also means making great savings. It only takes a few efforts to enjoy these benefits!

How to choose your material?

The choice of material is decisive for the success of the transition from tobacco to vaping. However, as a beginner in the vape, we are sometimes a little lost in the middle of the many products. What electronic cigarette to Choose? That’s the whole question. And it deserves special consideration. Your decision to opt for this or that material will depend on your smoking habits. If the goal is to permanently lose these bad habits, you will nevertheless have to get as close as possible to them during your first experiences of vaping. Not all smoker profiles are the same. Do you smoke five cigarettes a day or a whole pack? You will probably not opt ​​for the same material. This must be practised daily. Your electronic cigarette should not prove to be an obstacle to vaping.

Identify your needs

It is, therefore, necessary to identify their needs. A heavy smoker must, for example, favour an electronic cigarette with good autonomy. In order not to break down during the day, you, therefore, need a powerful battery. Not necessarily in terms of watts, but in terms of endurance. Your e-cigarette must be able to hold and accompany you as long as possible. At the same time, a heavy consumer of cigarettes can opt for a large tank. This is so that you don’t have to refill your equipment with e-liquid too often. A very important practical side to facilitate the transition from tobacco to vaping. It’s also a bit like the car: if you swallow the kilometres of asphalt, you will choose the most reliable vehicle possible and not necessarily the most gleaming!

Of course, for light smokers, the choice will be much wider. Indeed, it will not necessarily be necessary for you to opt for a substantial battery if your use of the electronic cigarette is more limited. The same goes for the tank of the clearomizer. No need to own a huge tank if your e-liquid consumption is limited. In this case, a wider range of equipment is available to you. Small or large batteries will then be suitable.

It will then be a question of choosing the type of inhalation, direct or indirect. For a beginner in the vape and a former smoker, it is probably the indirect draw that will be the best. And to easily understand the concepts of drawing or direct/indirect inhalation, Oneclop offers you a detailed article on this subject! Finally, the last points relating to the material will depend on each vaper. A robust electronic cigarette, design, with or without options, compact or more imposing. A question of tastes and needs to which you are the sole holder of the answers!

Which e-liquid to choose for a vaping beginner?

Then comes the important question of e-liquid. And at the same time, the nicotine level. First of all, thanks to our quick questionnaire, you will be able to evaluate, based on your cigarette consumption, the nicotine level that could suit you best. This is a point not to be underestimated. Nicotine addiction is the main reason for smoking. Many people tell us: “I don’t think I’m addicted to nicotine, it’s just the gesture! However, the choice of dosage is at least as important as that of the material.

Do not underestimate your nicotine dosage!

For this, when you are a beginner of the vape, it is better to start, in doubt, with an e-liquid with a slightly strong dosage. This nicotine intake, if it is a little higher than your needs, will very quickly cut the urge to smoke tobacco. While the rate of vaping will be correspondingly lower. Conversely, by opting for a rate that is too low, a person underdosed in nicotine will tend to vape a lot more and will risk compensating for this lack with real tobacco. As a reminder, an e-liquid with a nicotine level of 3 mg is suitable for a smoker of five cigarettes a day or less. Heavy smokers must therefore go directly to liquids for electronic cigarettes at double-digit rates. Choosing the right dosage will facilitate the transition and smoking cessation.

As for tastes, they are all in nature or rather in your e-liquids. The choice is almost unlimited. However, for a newbie to the vape, our advice would be to turn to rather classic and all-purpose flavours. In particular, those approaching the taste of cigarettes, such as Classic or Menthol e-liquid. Remember: the choice of your liquid is not definitive. Some find their happiness and their favourite flavour very quickly. Others will have to test several e-liquids before finding the perfect one for them. So don’t be discouraged in any way. Try to see the playful side of discovery and listen to your body!

Daily use: a few key points

Switching to electronic cigarettes is also a matter of will. Some vaping beginners find vaping difficult. Interview questions often come up on the table. You have nevertheless undertaken your approach with the desire to stop smoking and smoking. So why stop on such a good path? Using an electronic cigarette does indeed require a little more maintenance than opening a pack of “classic” cigarettes, it’s true. You will have to regularly clean your equipment, fill your tank, change the resistance… But these little “constraints” are nothing compared to the gain on your health, your comfort and, it is important, your finances. Always keep these three points in mind.

And by precisely choosing equipment adapted to your needs and desires, these little maintenance questions will quickly no longer arise. Above all, don’t give up. Some people get used to the concept of electronic cigarettes in the blink of an eye. For others, it will take a little time to adapt, a few days, a few weeks… The important thing is to believe in it and hang on. Remember that after more than ten years of experience now, the electronic cigarette has largely proven itself on the issue of smoking cessation. It is simply one of the best methods to quit smoking. And your body and your wallet will thank you.

New to vaping? We must hold on!

When we give up the electronic cigarette, it is often for trifles. Don’t let the first hurdle bring you down. “I stop because I cough”: a large number of vapers started coughing. Most of the time, this phenomenon ends within a few hours or only a few days. However, it is essential to completely stop smoking on the side, because the two never go well together. If this instruction is respected, the transition is often done in a few days. If this continues, it may be necessary to review the choice of e-liquid or equipment.

“I stop because there is a burnt taste”: a simple change of resistance and you’re done! “I’m quitting because I broke my electronic cigarette”: faced with this argument, we most often find that the “breakage” concerns the glass of the tank. Replacing said glass only costs €3.90 in most cases. Nothing to stop you! In the event of too frequent breakage, you will probably have to turn to a more robust and solid material, quite simply.

Finally, we are often told that “the taste is not like that of a real cigarette”. And indeed, it is true. Vaping is not smoking tobacco. There are not all the harmful substances in cigarettes. The taste is therefore not the same. This is one of the habits from which it will be necessary to separate. But the diversity of flavours of e-liquids more than compensates and allows everyone to find what they are looking for. It just takes a little time to adapt!

The beginner’s guide to vaping

With the help of this little beginner’s guide to vaping, you will be able to orient yourself according to your needs towards an electronic cigarette and an adapted e-liquid. Our quick questionnaire is also a good way to find out more about your habits and helps you choose a product. In addition, other articles are available if you want to continue learning more about the vape! Finally, if you are near our stores, do not hesitate to come and ask us your questions directly. We will be happy to answer them. In the meantime, don’t forget: don’t start vaping if you don’t smoke!