With the electronic cigarette, weaning turns out to be much more pleasant than expected! The transition was smooth and you enjoy discovering new flavours of liquids and testing new boxes or mods. However, this pleasant experience can be marred by some annoyances. Few of us can claim not to have been confronted with crackling or some sort of little “gurgle” when vaping! My electronic cigarette crackles, this is very unpleasant and in some cases, these cracklings can be disabling. Fortunately, there are solutions! Before listing the solutions that will remedy this technical problem, it is imperative to know the sources of this problem which affects all vapers.


Dirty equipment or equipment in poor condition can cause crackling and even liquid escaping. Take the time and do not hesitate to regularly clean your clearomizer and atomiser. A complete dismantling and clear water passage of the clearomizer or even the RTA and the RDA can solve the problem in the majority of cases! Of course, it is essential to remove the resistance before carrying out this operation which will only take a few minutes! You can also pass, once a day, a towel in the drip tip to remove the condensation which has accumulated following the heating of the resistance. In general, after doing this your electronic cigarette should no longer crackle.


If the electronic cigarette crackles or “gurgles”, it is very likely that it comes directly from the resistance. Resistance at the end of its life will have lost all its absorption power, which will irremediably lead to a surplus of liquid in the atomization chamber. Present in large quantities, the liquid may flow through the airflows and even cause crackling when you use your electronic cigarette… So pay attention to the state of your resistance!


If the resistance is in perfect condition, you will then have to look into the assembly if you are using a rebuildable atomizer. On the latter, it is not uncommon for a bad dosage of cotton to be a source of problems. If you had a heavy hand when cottoning, you will have to expect to suffer an unpleasant dry-hit… On the contrary, if the dose of cotton is not sufficient, nothing will be able to retain the liquid and the latter will accumulate again in the bedroom. Be patient and don’t get discouraged! The owners of clearomisers will not have to worry about this point.


A resistor may also be insufficiently heated. As in the previous cases, the liquid will invade the atomization chamber because the heat will not be high enough for your elixir to vaporize completely. To draw a line under the crackling of your electronic cigarette, it is important to choose the adequate power according to the resistance set up. The lower the latter, the higher the required watts will have to be. Take on the settings and have no qualms about requesting your box or mod!


The e-liquid is in the majority of cases at the origin of the crackling of the electronic cigarette. The latter must be chosen with care. The flavour level is two elements to take into account. However, the rate of G/VG should not be overlooked. Clearomisers as well as MTL atomisers, intended for an indirect vape, will require the use of a liquid highly dosed in PG to avoid any dry hits! Conversely, a clearomizer and an RTA or RDA designed for a direct vape will require liquids with a high level of vegetable glycerin. This type of material, popular with fans of aerial photography, has substantial liquid arrivals. Opting for a liquid that is too fluid will lead to clogging of the resistance which will not be able to cope… 


The last point, unfortunately too little discussed, concerns the actual use of electronic cigarettes. On a so-called traditional cigarette,e it seems, normal to have a strong and short draw. But with an electronic cigarette, you will have to give up this old habit and adopt a softer and above all longer draw. Thus, the liquid will have time to vaporize completely and it’s a safe bet that you will no longer encounter the slightest crackling or “gurgling”!


From now on, you will no longer wonder why my electronic cigarette crackles or “gurgles”, there are reasons and above all solutions! Clean equipment, a correctly assembled assembly in the case of an atomizer, a suitable liquid and an adequate draw will ensure you an optimal experience. To put the odds on your side, you can also store your electronic cigarette vertically and avoid tilting it so as not to cause too much liquid to flow towards the famous resistance.