KR-808 E-Cigarette

KR-808 E-Cigarette

Almost every KR-808 e-cigarette kit should contain a range of automatic or manual batteries. Some even include both, which is great for first-customers who may not know yet which type they might prefer and later switch to.

If we compare this electronic cigarette with the common small electronic cigarettes, the KR-808 is the only one created for use with cartomizers.

You won’t find an atomizer or disposable cartridges offered for the usage of KR-808 e-cigarette. You can find an adapter to convert the KR-808 threading to 510 threading for dripping if you like to, but you’d be better opt for a 510 battery for that purpose.

The attachment threading for the KR-808 e-cigarette extends from the end of the battery, while the threading for KR-808 cartomizers is recessed. This is the reverse of the threading design for 510 e-cigarettes.

Smokers, even experienced smokers are attracted to e-cigarettes because they seem less harsh than usual cigarettes, and because of the many flavors available. Small e-cigs are the best opportunity to enjoy the flavor and new smoking sensations.

Electronic cigarettes entered the world of tobacco very quickly but very soon occupied a decent place in the market. They represent a true epoch of smoking habits changings.