Juul alternative vape devices fall into two categories

All Juul alternative vape devices fall into two categories: open and closed (refillable) systems. Their main difference is the possibility or impossibility of refueling regular cartomizers. At first, closed ones appeared, and open ones became a kind of “evolution”.
Closed Juul alternative vape devices completely eliminate the possibility of the smoker interfering in the process. The cartridge must not be refilled or fluid changed, nor a burned-out evaporator replaced. When the cartridge life goes out, it is simply replaced with another one.

Open Juul alternative vape devices are called systems that are no different from closed systems, with the exception of two factors – they allow refilling of the cartomizer, and sometimes replacement of the evaporator.
At the same time, such an opportunity should be provided by the manufacturer himself, and not by rough disassembly of the cartridge. Some closed Juul alternative vape devices can be refilled by “working with a file”, but this does not make them open.
In general, all hearths have approximately the same technical characteristics. For example, the vaping power almost always ranges from 10 to 20 W, and the battery capacity does not exceed 1000 mAh.
For people transitioning from tobacco, these characteristics are enough to satisfy the nicotine hunger – the goal for which pods were invented. Unlike large mods, pod systems are lightweight, easily hidden in a fist, can be carried in a jacket pocket, conserve liquid and battery power, and also look very stylish.

But the main advantage of Juul alternative vape devices is that they often use saline nicotine. This class of devices is generally created thanks to it.
Liquids with saline nicotine quench nicotine hunger in just 3 to 5 puffs due to the high strength and the absence of throat hit (a blow to the throat), characteristic of a liquid with ordinary nicotine.
When choosing Juul alternative vape devices, it should be understood for what purpose the device is taken. If the porter just needs to “smoke” at the airport sometimes, or if he needs a compact “travel” electronic cigarette, then closed systems are ideal. With them, you won’t have to worry about anything – everything is ready and “charged” for vaping.