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ELEAF IWU POD system under liquid on nicotine salt.

The iWu Pod System Kit is a new device from the popular Eleaf Pod System format.

The case of the device is made of an alloy of zinc and plastic.

The iWu is powered by a 700 mAh battery, the cartridge has a resistance of 1.3 Ohms and holds 2 ml of liquid.

The device consists of three parts: a metal casing, a cartridge for liquid and a battery part.

The cartridge holds 2 ml of liquid. It is made of transparent darkened plastic, which allows you to control the liquid level. The filling hole is on the side and closed with a silicone plug.

The battery pack is protected by a metal casing, which can be lifted and thereby hide the mouthpiece.

The battery status is indicated by the indicator – Green (100% -60%), Orange (59% -30%), Blue (29% -10%), Red (? 9%).

The device does not have a control button and is triggered by a puff.