juul 5 pods uk

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The VQ Pods Sampler Pack should be your guideline need, for it offers a lavish sampler that includes the world’s force most conspicuous flavors, for instance, Super Berry, Mango Bliss, Strawberry Milk and Watermelon Ice.

Look what this flavor genuinely needs to give. Starting with Super Berry, you should expect a tasty made blend of the best hand-picked wild berries with each puff. As you move onto Mango Bliss, a strong tropical sensation should crush your resources like a tide beats the shoreline, displaying a strong mango acknowledge on the essential drag. Enter Strawberry Milk, an adolescent amalgamation of dairy with strawberry flavors soaks this flavor and brings back memories you had as a youth. Besides, last at any rate not least, this flavor renders sorts of mountain-fresh, cool watermelons; this unit should assist you with remembering a chilled Watermelon Fresca.

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