Juul 5% nicotine pods to equip the set

Juul 5%Electronic Cigarette Juul Kit is equipped with Juul 5% nicotine pods.

Juul is an easy-to-use vape device that is designed specifically for smokers who are looking for a quality alternative to tobacco smoking in the form of electronic vaping. The concentration of nicotine in the cartridge is close to the level of an ordinary cigarette.

The main part of the device has a built-in battery, a built-in temperature adjustment sensor, and a whole set of sensors to monitor the remaining battery charge and torque. The recharging process is carried out using a USB magnet charger. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge the Juul kit. A Juul 5% nicotine pod (cartridge) is inserted into the upper part of the mod until it clicks, and also acts as a mouthpiece.

One cartridge lasts for 200 puffs, which is equivalent to one full pack of cigarettes.

In some cases, the cartridges (Pod) are disposable, not included in the kit and sold separately.

Juul Cartridge Tastes:

Juul Pod – Vanilla

Juul Pod – Mint

Juul Pod – Cucumber

Juul Pod – Tobacco

Juul Pod – Mango

Electronic cigarette Juul is a great option for novice users and those who decided to quit smoking. The model is similar to a regular cigarette and is very easy to use, it is enough just to draw a puff. For the vape device to function, it is necessary to use replaceable cartridges in which there is 0.7 ml of flavoring liquids in each. The device is charged using a special USB set-top box, which is inserted into the corresponding port. Checking the charge level is made by lightly tapping the device body, as a result of which one of the three LEDs lights up. The fluid in the cartridges has a high strength, so that the soaring is quite close to analog smoking.

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