Is it dangerous to vape without nicotine?

Many smokers try to quit by vaping without nicotine. Is it dangerous?

Let’s cut to the chase. Vaping without nicotine is not dangerous in itself. But on the other hand, for a smoker trying to quit smoking, not using nicotine is putting yourself in danger of failing.

A scientifically and medically validated help solution to quit smoking.

Since the early 1990s, nicotine replacement has been a validated treatment for quitting smoking. The inventors of nicotine substitutes wanted to market the product freely, but the pharmaceutical industry took over.

This story is still debated, but in any case, nicotine has gained real status as a helpful tool. Nicotine substitutes are prescribed by health professionals and have even been reimbursed at 100% for some years. So, no fear about the use of nicotine, including for pregnant women for whom it is even more difficult to quit smoking, for physiological issues (faster metabolism of nicotine) and social pressure.

We smoke for the nicotine, but it’s the combustion that sickens and kills

Nicotine gives pleasure, it does not please orthodox hygienists who do not accept that people take pleasure, but it is the reality. If you search a little on the Internet (or just on this blog), you will even discover that it has virtues in the face of serious and disabling illnesses.

Consuming nicotine to avoid smoking is a solution that works very well.

Vaping, many more things…

Vaping allows you to consume nicotine in an alternative way without smoking. But that’s not all.

  1. Vaping allows you to keep the gesture, psychological, ceremonial and social.
  2. Vaping keeps the sensation. We inhale and exhale steam. The heat and the presence (especially) of nicotine cause the “hit”, those little scratches at the back of the throat that smokers appreciate.
  3. Vaping allows you to keep the pleasure, of the gesture and the sensation, but also the taste with thousands of aromas, to find your account and to change when you want. I have 4 main flavours, two gourmet and two fruity. I don’t like tobacco flavours.

Nicotine works. The vape works even better thanks to all that. That’s why vaping is the most popular quit-smoking tool despite all the fake news around it.

A new study has just been released, one more, which also demonstrates scientifically that vaping is much more effective (x 4) than nicotine substitutes. It’s very logical. 

Why it’s dangerous to vape without nicotine

The danger is missing your smoking cessation and putting yourself in pain for nothing. For a failure in the end.

Let’s thank the cranks here who spend their time denigrating and demonizing nicotine. They are the real dangers to public health. Because it causes irrational fear in smokers who have decided to quit and think it’s better not to use nicotine.

Vaping is a good solution to quit smoking, but it must be used WITH nicotine. And do not neglect the quantity! Vaping without nicotine to quit smoking is like riding a bike without a pedal. It rolls, but much less well, and we risk taking a bowl. I like this image that I released for the first time in my book “Welcome to the vape”. Only 10 copies remain of the 15,000 that were printed and distributed. Motivate yourself to quit smoking, choose the most effective solution, but crash because of nicotine, it’s a shame.

Here are some useful links to help you understand the use of vaping and in particular nicotine:

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For pregnant women, I still hear mothers-to-be almost every day saying that their doctor or gynaecologist recommends that they smoke 3 or 4 cigarettes a day rather than try vaping to completely quit smoking, it’s outrageous. Consult the excellent file of the SOVAPE association and the other link on breastfeeding (useful for smokers too):

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