That’s it! You have decided to switch to the electronic cigarette, but how to choose your electronic cigarette? 

That’s why we’re going to help you ask yourself the right questions to make your choice.

How to choose your electronic cigarette: what type of vape to choose MTL, DL, or RDL?

To put it simply, the MTL or indirect vape of the electronic cigarette is the one that comes closest to the cigarette, It is characterized by a moderate production of vapour and a so-called tight draw. It allows the use of high levels of nicotine and is practised at powers between 5 and 18/20 watts.

The DL or direct vape of the electronic cigarette is closer to the “shisha” . It offers a large production of vapor, and a very airy draw. In pure DL you will not exceed 6 mg of nicotine. In terms of power, it is practised in a range ranging from 40 to 200 watts or even more.

Then the last alternative is the RDL or restricted direct :

Indeed, as its name suggests, the intermediary between MTL and DL, RDL allows a maximum nicotine level of 12 mg and is practised on a power range ranging from 20 to 40 watts.

How to choose your electronic cigarette: box, battery, tubular, mod, atomizer, clearomizer?

Let us recall the base, an electronic cigarette consists of a battery or a mod (source of energy), which feeds a resistance which is in a tank. The resistance heats and vaporizes the e-liquid contained in the tank.

The association of the different elements that make up your e-cigarette (mod or battery + atomizer) is called setup.  

Battery :

Indeed, this generic term is generally used to define a regulated battery which has no adjustment and which is found in kits for beginners.

They are very simple to use but offer little possibility of evolution.

Mod :

This is the generic term that characterizes batteries that offer adjustment possibilities.

With this type of product it will be possible to adjust different parameters to adapt your vape to your tastes and desires. A little more complex to use, it will allow you to evolve your vape according to your needs and desires.

Tubular or Box:

These 2 terms simply translate the general shape of your battery box for box and tubular as a tube.

Atomizer  :

It is simply the general name of the upper part of your e-cigarette which contains the resistance and the e-liquid.

Clearomizer  :

It is a tank atomizer that uses proprietary coils. It is therefore used with a resistance sold ready to be used. The resistance vaporizes the e-liquid contained in the reservoir of the clearomiser and the vapor thus created passes through the chimney to the drip tip , where the vaper places his lips to inhale through his mouth. To adjust the airflow, and airflow ring is present on many models of clearomizers .

Rebuildable atomizer  :

They are found under the names RTA atomizer, RDA, RDTA . These atomizers are aimed at a more informed public.

Indeed to use these atomizers you will have to learn to build your resistance. A little more economical, they are especially popular with “geeks” who are looking for their “ultimate vape”.

How to choose your electronic cigarette: integrated battery / external battery: 

This information tells you if the battery is fixed or removable.

The battery of an electronic cigarette gives you the energy to heat the resistance and the e-liquid to create the vapour.

Anyway the battery of an electronic cigarette works the same way as any other type of battery.

It provides the energy necessary to operate an electronic cigarette , ie to heat the e-liquid .

The other important point regarding the battery is its autonomy.

The quantity it stores is expressed in mAh, the higher the figure, the more autonomy you have.

The advantage of the integrated battery is to have no manipulation other than to connect your box to a USB port, the disadvantage is that once the battery has undergone its 300 recharging cycles it will have to be changed.

The removable battery therefore offers greater longevity to your mod , when the battery is “tired” it is changed.

In addition, you can have several batteries and thus change them during the day, which offers you the potential of almost unlimited autonomy.

With these few elements of language normally you should see a little more clearly.

How to choose your electronic cigarette: ask yourself the right questions?

Now that you have the basics to better understand the world of electronic cigarettes , let’s see the questions to ask yourself to make the right choice.

A) What type of inhalation?

First of all, you have to choose the type of vape you want, MTL, DL or RDL, it’s up to you.

If in doubt on this point, opt for a versatile product such as DRAG X, it is for this reason that we have selected it to be included in our It’s decided I’m done Pack. It offers resistance adapted to all types of vaping.

B) What autonomy?

Then you have to ask yourself the question of autonomy. For this, it is necessary to take into consideration the quantity of cigarettes smoked and the type of vape chosen.

As far as your cigarette consumption is concerned, we will divide into three classes of smokers:

  • light smoker: 1 to 5 cigarettes per day
  • average smoker 6 to 14 cigarettes a day
  • heavy smoker 15 and over

MTL: indirect inhalation

  • small smokers of 500 and 1000 mAh.
  • average smokers 1000 to 2000 mAh
  • heavy smokers 2500 mAh and above

RDL: semi-direct

  • Small smoker: 1000 to 1500 mAh
  • Average smoker: 2000 mAh to 2500 mAh
  • Heavy smoker: 3000 mAh

DL: direct inhalation

For the vape in pure DL, whether you are a heavy or light smoker, we recommend that you use cigarettes with an external battery anyway.

The other thing to consider here is that you will be vaping at high power (over 50 watts).

I usually say that as soon as you vape at these powers it is better to switch to a box with double 18650 batteries or a single 21700 battery and possibly provide several sets of batteries or batteries and an external charger.

C) Clearomizer or rebuildable atomizer?

Indeed, the choice is simple if you start opting for a clearomizer. And that’s all.

D) What budget?

I know that many of you choose to vape for financial aspect and therefore you will tend to choose the less expensive models.

Personally, when I receive a client, I insist on several points:

  • Your electronic cigarette must please you physically.
    It may seem futile, but this object will follow you everywhere and for me, it is essential that you like its look.
  • Whatever your expense today, you will save money. Take the example of an average smoker of 10 cigarettes a day. His tobacco budget is around 150 euros per month or 1800 euros per year. So today you will probably spend your monthly budget in one go ( setup + e-liquids + consumables).
    Be aware that your monthly budget will then be around 100 euros, which gives us 150 + 1100 = 1250, i.e. a saving of 550 euros over the CQFD year.
    In addition, you save your health and it is priceless!
  • Treat yourself to a beautiful electronic cigarette, with a little theory about it.
    Quitting smoking is not a simple thing, and even if the electronic cigarette is undoubtedly the best way today to achieve it, it is not magic.

If you invest little, you will tend to give up at the first difficulties or temptations.
On the other hand, if you have invested a substantial sum, you will undoubtedly be more diligent because you will be keen to make your purchase profitable.

E) The last thing to know

If you buy your first kit today, it probably won’t be the last.

Indeed, the electronic cigarette market is evolving and offers you new vape products to try and allows you to evolve in this area.