Choosing a battery for an electronic cigarette may seem complicated at first. There are many types of batteries or batteries for e-cigs (18650 battery, 21700 battery, 20700 battery, etc.), with different storage capacities and chemistries. Nicovip helps you see more clearly to choose the right battery for your electronic cigarette kit!

The different types of batteries for electronic cigarettes

The batteries or batteries for e-cig are varied and it can be difficult to recognize them. Here is a simple method to understand the origin of their name, which is divided into 5 numbers.

Take for example a 18650 battery, a standard format in the world of vaping:

  • 18 indicates the diameter of the battery, i.e. 18 mm
  • 65 indicates the length of the pile, i.e. 65 mm
  • 1 indicates the shape of the battery, i.e. a cylinder

The capacity is indicated in mAh (milli-Ampere/hour). The larger it is, the greater the autonomy will be. On Nicovip you will find inexpensive 18650 batteries from 2500 mAh to 35000 mAh and 21700 batteries up to 4000 mAh, with brands known for their reliability such as Samsung, Efest and MXJO.

The chemistry of accumulators for e-cig kit:

  • Accu IC/ICR: battery using Lithium-Ion chemistry
  • MRI battery: battery using Lithium-Manganese chemistry
  • INR battery: ICR/IRM hybrid battery

 Choose an electronic cigarette battery

When you buy an electronic cigarette consisting of a box, the type of battery is indicated on the product sheet as well as on its instructions for use. Generally, the rechargeable battery used for an e-cig is an 18650 battery or a 21700 battery.

Choose a battery for a mechanical box mod or a powerful box

If you have a kit with a mechanical box mod (mecha mod), the Maximum Discharge Current or CDM is important because the higher it is, the safer your vaping experience will be. Mechanical mods are not equipped with a protection system and directly deliver the power of the installed battery. This type of e-cig requires a perfect mastery of its specificities to be used. Do not use an IC/ICR: Lithium-Ion battery with a mechanical mod!

If your box is very powerful, it is better to choose a rechargeable battery with a high amperage. Do not forget to transport your batteries in a transport box to avoid any risk of explosion or degassing, as well as to use a suitable battery charger . You will find all the accessories for electronic cigarettes on our online store for products for the vape. Always at the best price with guaranteed quality!