How many drops of aroma to put in your e-liquid?

A real revolution in combating the harmful effects of cigarettes, e-liquid and electronic cigarettes are increasingly used tools worldwide. And like every burgeoning market, manufacturers haven’t waited long to come up with tangible ways for vapers insiders to create their e-cigarettes as well as their e-liquid. Nevertheless, it is advisable to use caution, creating your electronic cigarette or your personalized e-liquid requires certain knowledge for successful and safe use.

As part of an e-liquid creation for example, do you know how many flavor drops to put in your e-liquid?

To answer this question, it is first necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the e-liquid, and particularly of all the components allowing to create it.

Follow us, we explain everything to you!

How many drops of aroma to put in your e-liquid: the different components of e-liquid

Any construction requires a perfect knowledge of the elements used! If this adage is true for many subjects, it is especially true for the creation of your own e-liquid. Before embarking on personal manufacture, you must know at your fingertips each component involved in its creation…

To date, e-liquids consist of the following elements:

  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetal glycerine
  • Concentrated Flavor
  • Nicotine and Additive (optional items)

While propylene glycol is the component that allows your e-liquid to create smoke at low temperatures, vegetable glycerin is used to counter the pungent effect that propylene glycol releases during this chemical process.

The aroma, meanwhile, adorns your e-liquid with a subtle flavour of your choice.

The additive is used to accentuate the flavors of the aroma while ensuring a noticeable olfactory freshness to the final preparation.

Finally, nicotine is the optional compound allowing smokers not to feel the withdrawal effect by acting on the neurovegetative system.

Mixed in an empty bottle whose mandatory rest before use can last from two days to more than a week depending on the e-liquids, these components make your personalized e-liquid. But how many flavours drops to put in your e-liquid?

How many flavours drops to put in your e-liquid: a simple calculation

To calculate how many drops of aroma you need to put in the preparation of your e-liquid, know first of all that the neutral base of it must constitute approximately 90% of the total preparation.

Therefore and for a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid, the aroma must be present at 1 ml.

If this data changes by a few drops depending on the bottles available on the market, 30 drops of aroma generally equal 1 ml. To simplify your calculation as much as possible in conclusion, your e-liquid must consist of 3 drops of aroma for each millilitre.

Examples: a 5 ml bottle must contain 15, a 10 ml bottle must contain 30, etc…

Of course, you can modify this according to your expectations. Once again, only practice in the creation of your personalized e-liquid will be able to answer this resolutely subjective question perfectly.