How do i maintain my electronic cigarette?

Every good vaper knows it, the maintenance of his electronic cigarette is essential to ensure its optimal functioning and to preserve a good dissolution of the aromas as well as a voluptuous smoke. 

If the theory is known, a few gestures are enough for effective practice. It is therefore advisable to read the manual of your e-cig carefully, the main principles of which are taken up here.

Routine maintenance

Like any everyday object, your e-cigarette will pick up dirt and dust. This is all the more the case if you smoke regularly and will therefore have to take it everywhere with you. The first measure is therefore to clean the easily accessible parts of your vape. We focus primarily on the battery connectors and the threads. 

A cotton pad soaked in soapy water is more than enough for cleaning, be careful not to use abrasive or fraying products. This is the simplest step to clean your electronic cigarette when refilling liquid for example.

Clearomiser cleaning

For better efficiency, it is also important to clean the clearomiser, the part allowing to vaporize of the e-liquid. It must then be dismantled and left to soak for a few hours, overnight for example, in a solution saturated with baking soda, then rinsed thoroughly. 

This is enough to clean it of all the residues which end up making it lose its effectiveness.

When to change the resistance of electronic cigarettes?

The maintenance of the e-cigarettes also passes through the resistor which is used to heat the liquid. The latter is subject to the various products used which, depending on their designs, leave more or less of a deposit on this resistance. However, you should know that you do not clean a resistance, but that the latter is a part that changes. There are no rules in terms of the lifespan of the resistance of an electronic cigarette. It all depends on several factors such as the liquids used, your use of the vape, the quality of the original product or the one you purchased. It is, therefore, necessary to be attentive to know when to change this resistance. 

A less pronounced taste and a duller and less voluminous smoke are the easiest signs to spot. A user who is used to vaping will know how to change more easily than a novice. It is therefore advisable to follow, at least approximately, the number of bottles that are used between two changes to be able to carry out preventive maintenance.

With very little maintenance equipment, you can therefore maintain the efficiency of your electronic cigarette and therefore the pleasure of vaping. It would be a shame to deprive yourself.