Once you have tasted the electronic cigarette, you have enjoyed it, since apart from the sensations it gives you, it also offers a good variety of flavours. As a result, you are certainly wondering: how to properly store your electronic liquids, their expiry dates, as well as the dangers presented once the date has expired? In this article, you will know everything about how to store your electronic liquid, but also about its validity.

What are the differences between DLUO and DLC?

You must surely know it, the expression DLUO means: the Optimal Use Limit Date; and DLC means: Use By Date. Be careful, you should know that there is a great dissimilarity between these two terms, and they should not be confused.

The DLUO determines the month and the year, it is simply highlighted for information purposes. 

Therefore, although this date has expired and passed, the e-liquid remains usable, and know that it will not, in any case, be harmful to the people who use it. Still, it is likely that the electronic liquid will have a low flavour content, or that it will be less effective in terms of nicotine withdrawal for example. In general, e-liquids have a BBD of 2 years, so that’s fine!

On the other hand, the DLC represents a complete annotation of the expiry date, that is to say: day, month and year. It should be noted that the DLC has an imperative particularity, in other words, that if it is expired, the best would be to no longer consume the electronic liquid at all.

An electronic liquid and its lifespan

A large number of vapers are unaware of the lifespan of e-liquids for e-cigarettes. As a reminder, it is useful to specify that the e-liquid consists essentially of PG and VG, flavours and nicotine. These elements all have their longevity. However, starting with this, the designers decided to limit the duration of use of an electronic liquid to 2 years. Do not panic! 

Here, it is not a question of the DLC but the DLUO. This means you have the opportunity to always use your e-liquid in the best possible circumstances.

How do recognize an obsolete e-liquid?

Just like most products, e-liquids also have a prescription date. Moreover, a DLUO or a DLC is indicated on the vial. You will then only have to refer to it to decide whether or not to continue vaping your electronic liquid. In principle, the DLUO is not a peremptory limit, therefore, you are not obliged to balance your product immediately. As far as the DLC is concerned, it is preferable to immediately stop its consumption and obtain a new vial.

Some tips and recommendations for a good conservation of your electronic liquids

Already, you should know that it is essential to always ensure the cap of your e-liquid bottle after each use. What is also important to know is to protect it from light and put it in a dry place, such as a cupboard or a drawer. In addition, the temperature has a good chance of modifying their taste, which is not very pleasant, hence the importance of choosing the place where you store your e-liquid. Many vapers keep theirs cool, for example, in the refrigerator during a heat wave. If you have chosen this option, take the bottle out a few hours before consuming it. This will allow the liquid to have an ambient temperature, which will avoid problems when vaping.

Apart from everything that has been said before, know that there are other solutions for optimal storage of your electronic liquid. Three external elements come into play for their preservation: oxygen, light and temperature.

Regarding the light, the bases with nicotine must be put in the dark, since the nicotine decomposes under exposure to ultraviolet rays. As for oxygen, be aware that air accelerates the oxidation of nicotine, so it is best not to leave your vial lying around in the open air too much, especially if you still plan to use it. to use later. Also, for the temperature, you should know that the best would be to put your liquid in a place at a temperature varying between 10 to 18 ° C. This will compress the PG and VG while restricting mutations of the molecules present in the vial.

Does each element of e-liquid have its own shelf life?

It should be noted that each component of the e-liquid has its longevity, namely: that of PG and VG, which lasts 2 years, for nicotine, the lifespan is 5 years, and that of aromas is 12 to 18 months. Independently of the conservation recommendations stated above, the designers also advise stirring the vial well before pouring the electronic liquid into the tank of the vapoteuse. This will prevent the aroma from remaining at the bottom of the bottle, so the true flavour of the refill will come out even more!

How to store DIY e-liquids

If you prefer to make your electronic liquid to obtain a large quantity of refill, you should know that this implies more rectitude in terms of conservation. To avoid oxidation, it is good to distribute the liquid in large quantities in small vials. Then fill the bottles to the brim to prevent air from entering. To be more effective, it is best to seal the cap with adhesive tape to completely confine the contents. And finally, the preservation process remains the same.