Since recent years, it is hot in the world of traditional sales. The competitive spirit among stores is growing, and the influx of customers in offline stores is weakening every year. Industry veterans ask each other – does anyone really notice this huge decrease in traffic?

On the other hand, online trading is booming, especially the online heets shopping. Sales through digital channels (including mobile sales) grew by 23% in 2015. Most of this revenue went to online sellers.

Under these hostile conditions, traditional merchants put everything on a retail basis. The omnichannel strategy assumes that if the single purchase process through the offline store and through digital channels goes without a hitch, this will allow the seller not only to stand out among colleagues, but also create a favorable difference from online sellers.

This idea leans toward the fact that, despite the costs, there should an economic benefit in not only doing offline sales, but also connecting online channels. Vendors believe that omnichannel strategy will be their “highlight of the program.” But is it? Are omnichannel buyers more valuable to retailers?

The experts studied the behavior of more than 46 thousand consumers who made purchases from June 2015 to August 2016 (online heets shoppers as well). Consumers were interviewed in detail about their entire buying experience, focusing on which channels they used and why. Only 7% of respondents used exclusively online shopping. The majority, 73% of those surveyed, used both online and offline shopping during the purchase. Such consumers are called omnical consumers.

Studies show that buyers love to use points of interaction with the seller in all variations and places available. They do not only compare prices and download coupons via smartphones; they also actively resort to digital tools in offline stores – using interactive catalogs or price checking applications. They buy heets online and take orders on an offline store, or buy on an offline store and arrange delivery online.

But the things are being radically changed by the widespread use of chat tools and Android apps for online shopping. Little by little, online shops begin to dominate. Especially, the sales of heets online.