Heets flavours

Iqos is a heated cigarette from Philip Morris. There are sold 6 types of Heets flavors for it. In Iqos, tobacco does not burn, but is heated up. It is assumed that because of this, there is reduced harm to health, and the taste of tobacco is even better revealed. In order to decide what heets flavors you like, you can conduct your own research – try and compare different types. This article will help you make the choice; this is a detailed overview of the tastes of IQOS with a description of each variety.

The range of heets flavors is divided into classic nicotine and flavored ones. The manufacturer offers the following types of classic sticks:

Yellow Label. This is the classic and mildest option, the most popular for daily use. The aroma is saturated, but not tart, with light spicy notes.

Bronze Label. It is a warmer one, but also quite soft, complemented by light aromas of cocoa and dried fruits. The warm notes of this taste of sticks for IQOS are emphasized even in the packaging design; it is made in soft brown tones.

Amber Label. It is a stronger and richest one of the entire classic line. It will appeal to lovers of strong, real tobacco with unobtrusive nutty and woody notes.

The IQOS range of flavored tobacco sticks features a variety of popular heets flavors. Among them, you can choose the taste that will appeal to you and your mood.

Green Zing. It is a quite saturated variety with a pronounced menthol aroma, lovers of freshness and frosty air will like it. These sticks have a light citrus aftertaste with grassy notes.

Turquoise Label. The taste is not so pronounced and tart for the lovers of more delicate peppermint, it has a light spicy aftertaste. It’s great as an easy alternative.

Purple Label. These are the most original sticks for IQOS. They have a pronounced berry taste, which is harmoniously complemented by a mint aftertaste.

It will not be difficult to determine what sticks there are for IQOS by strength: you can choose a more astringent or softer taste according to your preference. The manufacturer has provided all the preferences of users and provided a choice to every taste.