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Gurgling is a frequent E-Cigarette problem

Gurgling is a frequent E-Cigarette problem

When you start smoking e-cigarettes you can face many issues, concerning their usage. It is not a tragedy since it is a device; and any device sooner or later may fail functioning. The main thing is not to panic and read all possible instructions to avoid this situation.

When you use an electronic cigarette created for dripping such as the eGo e-cigarette or one of the many USA-produced e-cigarettes, you have to stick to a constant balance. If you add too little e-liquid to the atomizer and the heating coil becomes dry, you’ll get no vapor generated when you puff — or worse, you’ll sting your throat.

But if on the contrary, you add too much e-liquid, the atomizer will produce a certain gurgling noise. When this happens, there are not many actions that you can do except continue vaping through it or give your e-cigarette a quick cleaning.

If gurgling is a permanent problem with your e-cigarette, why cannot you switch to something with a more innovative design? The V2 Pro Series 3 vaporizer is the only high-end e-cigarette that proved not to leak or gurgle because the tank design completely prevents it. Perhaps, you may spend a bit more money, but you will save yourself from a constant headache and will prolong the joy of e-smoking.