Everything you wish you had known before starting the electronic cigarette

It’s super easy to find information to choose your first electronic cigarette! But we don’t tell you everything. Some tips seem obvious… When you’ve been vaping for a long time. But it’s not the same story when you start and for the first time, you find yourself alone with your electronic cigarette.

We give you 10 tips to improve your quality of life as a vaper

1. Close the airflow of your clearomiser to fill it. 

You take your time to fill your clearomiser, you are of millimetre precision when you add your e-liquid and yet you always find liquid on your clearomiser? It is normal if you do not close your airflow when filling. When you fill your e-liquid with e-liquid, you replace the air in your clearomiser with the liquid, the open airflow will therefore create a draft, hence the leaks on your clearomiser. 

In other words, to fill your e-liquid safely and cleanly, close your airflow

2. Don’t use your phone’s power outlets

Today’s phone chargers, especially those with a USB-C charging type, feature 3 amps of power, which is at least 3 times more than a battery charger, which is usually set between 0.5 and 1 amp. Therefore, if you use a phone charger to charge your batteries, you run the risk of your battery being damaged and losing its power and autonomy very quickly. 

3. Wash your drip tip daily

Your drip-tip is the “sensitive” part of your clearomiser, the one that is in direct contact with your mouth. In the same way that you like to eat with clean cutlery, vaping with a clean drip tip allows for a healthy vape. Ideally, you should wash your drip tip several times a day.  

At the end of your day of vaping, your drip tip is covered with deposits such as dead skin, dust and saliva, the inside of your drip tip is covered with liquid residue and dust, so you must remember to clean the outside and inside of your drip tip with very hot water with a little dishwashing liquid and a small bottle brush. Avoid tissue-type paper and paper towels which will also leave deposits. 

As you have understood, to avoid even minimal infections, such as canker sores or aphthous lesions, regularly clean your drip tip. 

4. Wash your clearomizer with hot water 

This may seem obvious, but believe our experience, it is not! Indeed, to properly clean your clearomiser and get rid of the smells and taste of your old e-liquid, there are no secrets, hot water will be your best help. Of course, don’t forget to unscrew and remove your resistors before cleaning your clearomiser. 

5. Do not leave your e-cigarette or e-liquids in the car

Your e-cigarettes contain batteries that are subject to the same rules and limits as all batteries. Is your phone’s battery struggling in the cold? The same thing will happen to your e-cigarette if you expose it to extreme temperatures for too long. If your car keeps cold when the temperatures are very low and warm in hot weather, you increase the risk of damaging your battery. 

The same for your e-liquids. The e-liquids are designed to be stored away from the sun in a room at room temperature, in other words, the complete opposite of a car. You will observe a change in the colour and sometimes the taste of your e-liquid by exposing it to extreme temperatures. 

6. Use battery chargers

If you have an electronic cigarette such as a Vrod box with two batteries, the battery charger is a must. Indeed, although electronic cigarettes allow you to charge your batteries on the box, this must remain a method of auxiliary charging and not your main method of charging. 

When you charge your batteries, they heat up, when they are in your box they will also heat the motherboard of your electronic cigarette. The latter is responsible for all the electronic parts of your electronic cigarette and is not made to be regularly heated. 

By charging your batteries in your electronic cigarette, you risk doubly damaging your box since this system is not ideal for your batteries or the motherboard of your box. 

7. Your throat will sting during the transition period between the traditional cigarette and the electronic cigarette. 

Regular cigarettes irritate your throat, but you don’t realize it since they are composed of numbing agents that will make you not notice anything. When you switch to an e-cigarette, you’re sending vapour down your irritated throat, so it’s going to sting. Don’t worry, it won’t last! 

E-liquids being composed of water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavourings, you will not find an anaesthetic agent in a classic e-liquid. This discomfort is therefore due, not to the electronic cigarette, but the damage caused by the classic cigarette on your throat. 

8. You will partially or lose the taste when you start the electronic cigarette. 

ATTENTION: In this particular period and the loss of taste being a symptom of COVID 19, we strongly advise you to call your doctor if you experience these symptoms. 

When you switch from the classic cigarette to the electronic cigarette your taste buds are regenerated, during this period not to exceed three weeks, your e-liquids may seem different to you every day. This change in taste can go as far as a temporary loss of taste. 

9. Put your batteries in your hand luggage when travelling. 

Your electronic cigarette batteries are considered conventional batteries by the airlines. To avoid missing your plane, or arriving at your destination without your luggage, remember to put your batteries in your hand luggage. You are allowed with most airlines to take up to two spare batteries.

Remember to check the legal status of the electronic cigarette in your country of destination. 

10. Your e-liquids will not taste the same depending on the clearomizer or atomizer you use. 

Each resistance will give a different rendering of flavour, from power to type of resistance, you will not find two alike. To feel a liquid as it should be felt you will need to use a high-quality dripper such as the DOTRDA Dotmo d dripper. 

A very aerial clearomizer such as the  SKRR-S will reduce the sugar level of your e-liquid and bring out the fresh aspect of fresh e-liquids while a tobacco or mint flavoured e-liquid will stand out better on a clearomizer for a tight vape such as the Nautilus GT Anniversary Edition.