Electronic cigarette and temperature control settings

First of all, what is the temperature control on an electronic cigarette? Already, the electronic cigarette temperature control is not about finding out about the weather to know at what temperature to vape ;). Even if it is important to know that the manufacturers very often indicate the ideal temperature for using their electronic cigarettes in their instructions for use. Generally, like any type of electronic equipment, it will be necessary to avoid extremes: negative temperatures and excessively high temperatures. In addition, at too low a temperature your e-liquid will tend to thicken and pass badly through the cotton and on the contrary, at too high a temperature, it will tend to thin and cause leaks. Good to know! It is also not about temperature protection when your electronic cigarette overheats. For this, if it is an electronic cigarette with a built-in battery, leave it for a while without using it until it returns to normal. In the case of a battery-powered electronic cigarette, do the same while removing your batteries from your box.

The vape temperature control is a mode of use allowing adjustment of the electronic cigarette. And this will allow you to… adjust the temperature of your resistance and therefore that of the steam! Several types of temperature control exist TC -Ni, TC-SS, TC-Ti and TCR. And they will either allow you to adjust the temperature according to the type of resistive wire of your resistance or to adjust a coefficient of heat up for every second of your puff. I will explain everything about this mode of vaping in more detail in the rest of this article!

Why choose an electronic cigarette with temperature control mode?

If the majority of electronic cigarette box mods offer the temperature control vape mode, why use it? Well, the mod box temperature control, or TC vape mode, is known to bring several advantages:

  • The TC offers a more reactive vape than in classic wattage mode and resistance in Kanthal.
  • The TC makes it possible to prolong the life of its resistance, thanks to the constant and smooth management of the temperature of the vape.
  • The TC allows you to optimize the taste of your favourite e-liquid: if fruity liquids express themselves better with warm vapour, gourmet liquids will reveal their full potential with hot vapour. 
  • It allows, for some electronic cigarettes, to avoid dry hits: in case of the tank is not full enough in e-liquid, the box will adapt its heating temperature, in case of the absence of liquid, the mod box will stop the heating automatically in thus avoiding an unpleasant burnt taste and the premature death of the resistance. 
  • As for the TCR mode, it will be a temperature control mode allowing you to manually customize the heating coefficient according to the resistive wire. The electronic cigarette TCR mode allows you to personalize your vape meticulously but will be dedicated to seasoned and experienced vapers and vapers. Do not hesitate to consult the user manual of your electronic cigarette before using the TCR vape mode.

However, pay attention to the type of resistance used! Indeed, not all temperature controls can be used with just any resistance. This is why when you enter temperature control mode, you can choose from different options: SS, Ni, Ti, TCR … So, before making your choice, read your product sheet carefully. to know the composition of your resistance and therefore the material used for the resistive wire undergoing the heating. If titanium: Ti mode, if nickel: Ni mode if SS or SS316: SS mode or variable wattage (it works with both!).

How does the temperature control of a mod box work?

One might think that a probe simply measures the temperature of the resistance of your vaper. It is nothing. The resistivity of a resistor changes with temperature. Each vape material has a specific evolution coefficient.

Everything you need to know about the temperature control of an electronic cigarette before setting it up

Almost all vape mods have temperature control. Be careful, however, to use suitable materials. If many brands like Smok, Vaporesso, Joyetech or Eleaf offer this mode of vaping, some electronic cigarettes do not have it… Read their instructions or ask us the question to see if you can use your vape or not. resistance in Ni or Ti.

Material selection

The material of your resistance! If the latter is suitable for temperature control, the material will be indicated on the body of the latter. Be sure to select the appropriate temperature control mode on your electronic cigarette.


When changing resistance, the mod asks for confirmation of this change to validate the measured value of the resistance at room temperature. Caution: this step must imperatively be carried out at room temperature so as not to truncate the value.

Temperature threshold

You can then set the target temperature on your vape, usually between 100 and 315°C. We recommend the first set around 230°C. You can then refine it gradually.

Authorized power

Some mods offer an additional setting: the possibility of indicating the maximum power used by the mod to reach the temperature objective. You will be able to choose fast or more gentle heating.