Who hasn’t dreamed of vaping in incognito mode? An English brand makes everything possible with Clear Steam, an E-liquid that produces no vapour. A revolution that can get you out of a situation of great stress.

Why an e-liquid without vapour?

Why create an e-liquid without vapour, when the major e-liquid brands praise the merits of their best products, with maximum vapour for the greatest pleasure of fans of big clouds.

Clear Steam is an e-liquid that produces no vapour. In reality, it is an E-liquid which produces a light vapour which evaporates even before expiration, it is ideal for occasional use. For example, during a long-haul flight, it will probably save your trip, as discreet as it is effective, you will vape in secret without being noticed. At the office, in a station hall, the clouds of vapours that invade the outside world are now gone.

Clear Steam, e-liquid without steam

One of the secrets of Clear Steam lies in its 100% PG design. It is available in five flavours: menthol, tobacco, strawberry, banana milkshake, and vanilla. 

We do not encourage anyone not to respect the places in which it is forbidden to vape. We find the new concept of this e-liquid very interesting, for each vaper to make their choices in their soul and conscience.

While waiting for new news, good vape to all!