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Dripping with an absolutely new atomizer

Dripping with an absolutely new atomizer

If you’re using an absolutely new atomizer, you’ll want to get the wick and heating coil nice and wet before you begin. It is a good idea to put the drip tip over the atomizer and send about ten drops of e-liquid down the drip tip.

However, some of the e-liquid may leave the atomizer through the hole in the bottom, so you may need to have a paper towel at hand. After you’ve permitted a few seconds for the e-liquid to get into the wick, gently blow through the drip tip into the paper towel to remove the unnecessary e-liquid.

The next step is to twist the atomizer into the threading of the e-cigarette, hold the fire button and breathe in. You should get a saturated, satisfying puff of vapor. If the e-cigarette gurgles, remove the atomizer and blow the extra e-liquid out again. If the vapor tastes burned or dry, put a few more drops of e-liquid through the drip tip.

You’ll continue smoking the e-cigarette in this way up to the moment the quality of the flavor starts to decrease; at this point you’ll add a few drops of e-liquid. But expect to add more e-liquid after approximately every ten uses of the e-cigarette. If you want to change e-liquid flavors sometime later, you may find the instructions how to clean an atomizer.