Do not consume vape juice brands without diacetyl

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Despite the frightening heading, the substance of diacetyl is not artificial. It has a natural origin, being a by-product of fermentation. Therefore, diacetyl is found in many natural products (cheese, yogurt, cocoa, butter), in flowers (lavender, geranium, tulips) and is even produced in the human intestine during its vital activity.

Moreover, the taste of natural butter directly depends on the content of diacetyl in it: the greater the content is, the more delicious the butter will be. Therefore, it is not surprising that many manufacturers use diacetyl when creating e-liquid flavors that have to simulate the tastes of cream, milk, etc.

Despite the fact that diacetyl is completely safe to eat, we must understand that e-liquids are not eaten, they are inhaled. They do not get into the stomach, but pass through the lungs and are differently processed by the body. Therefore, skillful and experienced e-liquid wholesale distributors try to promote vape juice brands without diacetyl in the assortments of their stores and recommend e-juice wholesale suppliers (producers) not to use them for the production of electronic cigarettes.

However, some manufacturers unfortunately do not always provide complete data about the content of diacetyl in the flavors of their e-liquid brands. In many cases, this applies to the e-liquid manufacturers from China. Therefore, we propose to take into account the fact that the content of diacetyl in the finished e-liquid can damage your health. To prevent it, we advise you to order and use premium fruit juice brands produced by such well-known manufacturers as, for instance, E-liquid brands llc. When selecting suppliers, trustworthy distributors ought to specify the requirements to supply the vape juice brands without diacetyl only.

The requirement is reasonable because the researches confirm that the inhalation of diacetyl can cause bronchiolitis for instance. Therefore, such e-liquid juices must not be present in the vape juice brands list of your store.