Disposable atomizers: features, advantages and disadvantages

One mission: is to ensure that consumers of classic cigarettes can stop smoking. In no uncertain terms, the electronic cigarettes Jai – produced by the Chinese JFT – are placed on the market without claiming to support a vaping by a pro, perhaps with special demands in terms of power and characteristics, but with the sole purpose of helping smokers get out of the nicotine addiction.

If Jai devices are not the ideal choice for those who want a customized vape or maybe the ability to engage in activities such as cloud-chasing, they have the great advantage of being generally very affordable in terms of price, on average between 19 and 25 Euro, easy to use and easily available at the tobacconists. Another point in favour, finally, is the use of liquids free of nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes Jai, 3 models to try

In this article, we will present the most performing Jai electronic cigarettes in terms of features and value for money, excluding disposable devices, although equally popular.

  1. Q16 Starter Kit

The reviews dedicated to this device are almost universally excellent: it is a well-made product with a remarkable quality-price ratio, which is a short time has won a considerable slice of users. Being a starter kit, it is a very practical choice for those approaching the world of digital smoking.

The device is equipped with a 900mah J-Easy 9 battery that allows the adjustment of 8 voltage levels and is equipped with a multi-colour LED indicator that signals the charge. The atomizer Q16 – uses a 1.6ohm coil, while the tank capacity is 1.9ml. In the package, there are also replacement heads and a USB cable for charging.

  1. Joyetech Ego Box AIO

One of the most popular devices, it is an all-in-one solution with a compact design and is available in different colours. Being an AIO device, the e-cigarette is handy and easy to use, but also has several features that make it a gem of technology not to be underestimated.

Firstly, the tank is easy to load and is equipped with a child-proof safety system that prevents liquid leakage. The 2100mah battery ensures sufficient charge to last a whole day, and the device can be used without nicotine.

  1. NOVEL kit Ego t 1100mah CE4

Also in this case we are faced with a device that does not involve the use of nicotine. The device with a battery of 1100mah, less powerful than the e-cigarette joyetech, therefore, but equally able to support the needs of a vaping during the working day without risking staying dry mouth, and the charge level is indicated by a LED light that changes colour according to the charge left.

The design is tapered, similar to that of a traditional cigarette, which allows you to replicate the gestures a smoker is generally accustomed to. The liquid level in the tank is visible and the refill can be done by unscrewing the tip.