Clearette – the positive aspects


Clearette has the most diversified product range if compared with any other brand in the market. It has been consistently top rated in electronic cigarette sphere and vapor products have been considered to occupy the leading position in websites and publications.

The websites offer significantly lower kit price than most competing brands. Moreover, no shipping fees are charged for any purchase. Choose from a large selection of flavors; they are perfect for smokers seeking the most right options available. Clearettes is engineered with USA E-Liquid, an advanced internal micro-chip and airflow technology. Opt for your desired nicotine strength and experience the Clear Difference.

A recent study carried out by Clearette at the retail level has shown that 92% of users that buy the product for the first time tend to becoming repeat purchasers. Clearette products are competitively priced while preserving extremely attractive balance for both distributors and retailers.

Clearette provides a successful business model with obvious revenue potential. Choice of territory is based on availability including relationship and cooperation. The effective system has been working throughout the U.S. and the U.K. regardless of prior distribution experience.