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Buy vape devices Online UKPortable and small e-cigarettes are a perfect solution when you Buy vape devices Online UK. Such as a super-light e-cigarette iCare Mini, a hot new product from Eleaf. Despite its miniature size, the device pleases with a good detectability of aromas, practical design and no leakage. As for the price to buy vape devices online … Here, Eleaf iCare Mini has no competitors!
The electronic cigarette iSmoka iCare Mini is an extremely curious and in almost all respects a successful attempt to create a full-fledged vapor generator that can fit in virtually any pocket. Just look at its dimensions and you will understand everything yourself: height – 75 millimeters, width – 24.5 mm, thickness – 12 mm.

iCare Mini is built on the principle of two in one. The integrated clearomizer is equipped with a small liquid reservoir and runs on its own IC evaporators, created by Eleaf masters specifically for the iCare series. Interestingly, the principle of installing replaceable heating elements from iCare Mini is clearly borrowed from the latest Joyetech flagships: the evaporator is mounted on the lower part of the central duct and completely immersed in the liquid, reaching the contact at the bottom of the tank. The resistance of the heating element IC is 1.1 Ohms, however, due to the filler from purified cotton, it produces a very good taste transfer with almost all “regular” liquids. The built-in Eleaf iCare Mini tank can hold 1.3 milliliters of liquid – for such a little one, the result is simply wonderful. We also note that the air supply control system is also provided here: the adjustment is made by rotating the upper part of the central air duct. The model is clearly sharpened by a tight cigarette puff, which in this particular case is an obvious advantage.