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9E-cigarette is not a new invention at all. The first e-devices appeared decades ago. Modern e-cigarette has high functionality and high-tech hype for creating top Buy vape batteries online. But today we will not talk about innovative devices, but return to the sources, and also talk about e-liquid brands. Cartridges were predecessors of atomizers, clearomizers. And for today there are still a lot of vapers who prefer to vape with the help of a cartridge for an e-cigarette.

To begin with, we will deal with its structure. Cartridges are mainly built from the tank, which is filled with liquid and absorbent element. In the past, a synthetic sintepon was used for these purposes. By getting liquid on the heated structure of the cartridge, we get e-liquid flavors. The duration of vaping of one cartridge depends directly on the capacity of the tank.

Therefore, a completely logical question arises: How to refill the cartridges of e-cigarettes and where to buy premium e-liquid cheap?
First of all, it is worth noting that vaper must always monitor the level of liquid in the device. As soon as you feel the slightest taste of burning, urgently buy vape juice online. Otherwise, you will burn the evaporative wool and you will have to replace it. Although it is the fact, sintepon can survive an average of 6-7 refillings.

The first and simplest way is simply to pour the vaping liquid into the tank.
But be careful; fill the tank slowly, so that the cotton wool could manage collect all the liquid. Otherwise, leak and fluid entering the mouth cannot be avoided.
The second method is to take a thin object, for example a toothpick, and press the sintepon to one side of the tank. Then fill the formed cavity with liquid. The third way is the most difficult, it is to pull out the sintepon and pour the liquid just into the tank. Next put the sintepon in its place and start vaping.