Bo One Black Soft Touch pod for vape

pod for vapeBo One Black Soft Touch pod for vape is a device with a special coating on the case, which has a cool black tint. Soft Touch coating allows you to confidently and firmly hold the device in your hands, it will not fog up and will not slip out of the palm of your hand and will always remain clean and beautiful. Bo One Black Soft Touch pod for vape also has features such as 410 mAh battery capacity, 10 cm high with an installed cartridge and magnetic charging. Bo One Black Soft Touch pod for vape will also have the advantage that it can be soared from the device even indoors or in the office, the steam does not have a heavy base and evaporates quickly. It is because of these properties that the fire alarm will not work, and the people around you will not experience discomfort. The small dimensions of the device will allow you to store it in your trouser pocket or jacket, without causing any discomfort.

An ultra-compact device that allows you to enjoy a cigarette puff and has excellent, simple and extremely convenient functionality. Do you not want to wear bulky devices? Bo One Black Soft Touch pod for vape will solve this problem.

The main and direct advantage of this device is the support of replaceable cartridges, which are created exclusively for the category of such devices. The Bo One is only 10 cm long, which means that it can be easily carried in the pockets of your clothes. Elegant and simple design does not make you care about what and where to click, only simplicity and convenience. The total capacity of the cartridges is 1.5 ml, which is a sufficiently large volume for the type of such devices. A battery with a capacity of 380 mAh will allow you to use the device throughout the day, and a complete magnetic USB charge, mobile and portable enough to help charge your Bo One Black Soft Touch pod for vape in any place and condition. The Bo One Black Soft Touch pod for vape consists of a rechargeable battery, two cartridges and a magnetic USB charge.