5% juul uk

5% juul ukThere are special 5% Juul UK flash drive-like product offers now. Juul is more than a regular electronic cigarette. This vape set is distinguished by its small size and stylish design, which makes the vape look like a cute black USB flash drive. Because of this, not all vapers immediately take the device seriously.

The device itself can be easily hidden in a fist: if you hesitate to hover and want to go out with the vape imperceptibly, Juul Pax may be the best option and there are 5% juul uk flash drive-like product offers now. Also, the device easily connects to charging, working from a USB port of a laptop.

Externally, Juul also does not look like ordinary wipes or cigarettes. Simplicity and convenience have made Jule Pax an innovation in the market of electronic cigarettes and vaping liquids, developed on the basis of salt nicotine.

Juul is powered by a battery with a capacity of 350 mA / h. This is enough for vaping for a whole day, so you can only charge it for the night.

How does juul work? What should you do after you have a use from the 5% juul uk flash drive-like product offers?

After unpacking the vape, double click on the device itself to check its charge level. Red means a weak charge, yellow means a medium charge, and green means that the vap is fully charged. If you need to charge a vape, simply plug the charger into the USB connector, and on the other hand, plug in the Juul vape. Full charge will take no more than one hour. Once the device is charged, you can start using it.

JuL PODS need to be changed regularly.

The set includes JUUL PODS with different flavors: classic tobacco, mint, menthol, vanilla and even cucumber. Compared to conventional electronic cigarettes, the nicotine concentration in them is twice as high. At the same time, salt nicotine is absorbed faster and less harmful to the mucous membrane of the throat.

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